RFK Jr. Criticizes Democrats for Toppling Confederate Statues: ‘Destroying History’

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. expressed his opposition to the removal of Confederate monuments, including the Robert E. Lee statue that was dismantled and destroyed in Charlottesville, Virginia. He believes that erasing history is not a positive or beneficial action for any culture.

During an appearance on the “TimCast IRL” podcast on Friday, Kennedy was questioned by host and independent journalist Tim Pool regarding the actions of activists who have been tearing down statues. This includes statues from the Civil War era, as well as statues of historical figures such as Frederick Douglass, who fought against slavery.

The host specifically inquired about his stance on the individuals responsible for melting the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, which was taken down in Charlottesville in 2021.

“I believe it is not beneficial or conducive to the well-being of any culture to erase its history,” expressed Kennedy. “I personally feel a strong emotional response against the acts of vandalizing and attacking those statues.”

The Robert E. Lee statue was discreetly melted down in a symbolic ceremony and will be transformed into a more inclusive form of public art.

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. delivered a compelling speech at a campaign rally held at Legends Event Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Growing up in Virginia, he shared that there were Confederate heroes who did not own slaves.

“I have a strong instinctive aversion to the destruction of history. I find it disagreeable. Instead, I believe we should embrace and honor our past, celebrating the admirable qualities of all individuals. It is unrealistic to expect perfection from every figure throughout history; if we were to seek out individuals who were faultless in every aspect, we would effectively wipe out our entire historical narrative.”

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During the discussion, Kennedy was particularly focused on Columbus Day, which he refers to as Indigenous People’s Day.

NYC Contemplates Removal of George Washington Statues and Establishes Reparations Task Force Amid Budget Cuts

Amid budget cuts, New York City is considering the removal of statues commemorating the first President of the United States, George Washington. Additionally, the city plans to establish a task force dedicated to addressing reparations.

The proposed move to remove the statues of George Washington comes as part of a wider effort to reassess public monuments and symbols in light of their historical context. By reevaluating and potentially removing these statues, the city aims to address concerns regarding the history of slavery and racial inequality that have long been associated with figures like Washington.

Simultaneously, New York City is taking steps towards creating a task force focused on reparations. This task force would be responsible for examining and recommending strategies to address the long-standing impacts of slavery and systemic racism on communities of color. By doing so, the city hopes to foster a more equitable and inclusive society.

However, it is important to note that these proposals are being considered amidst budget cuts faced by the city. As such, the ultimate fate of the statues and the establishment of the reparations task force will depend on various factors, including available resources and public opinion.

As the debate surrounding historical monuments and symbols continues to unfold, New York City is taking proactive measures to address the complex and sensitive issues related to racial justice and equality. By reevaluating its public monuments and establishing a task force dedicated to reparations, the city aims to promote unity, inclusivity, and a more comprehensive understanding of its history.

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A statue of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was toppled in front of the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul on June 10, 2020. A tow truck was used to remove the fallen statue.

According to Pool, Kennedy emphasized the significance of acknowledging and honoring diverse groups of people, including Italian-Americans who commemorate Columbus Day and indigenous communities.

Kennedy stated that it is crucial to acknowledge and honor the indigenous people who made the ultimate sacrifice, as their plight can be considered one of the most significant genocides in history. He shared that his father firmly believed that in order for our country to truly embody its ideals, we must make efforts to make amends to the group that was exterminated to pave the way for our settlement. Kennedy believes that this should be an aspiration for every American.

Fox News Digital reached out to Kennedy for further comment on the matter, but he did not respond immediately.

Pro-Native American Activists Battle to Preserve Indigenous Traditions in Nationwide Struggle Against Wokeness

In Charlottesville, Virginia, workers successfully took down a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee on July 10, 2021. This removal comes after years of legal disputes surrounding the controversial monument. The effort to remove the statue marks a significant step in addressing the ongoing debate surrounding Confederate symbols and their place in public spaces.

In a surprising turn of events, the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, which was previously located in Charlottesville, has been discreetly melted down during a solemn ceremony.

The video clip of Lee’s statue being melted gained immense popularity on various social media platforms.

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