Sacramento becomes a sanctuary city for transgender people

The city of Sacramento, California, made a unanimous decision on Tuesday to become a sanctuary city for transgender individuals.

The Sacramento City Council member, Katie Valenzuela, recently introduced a resolution to protect the rights of the trans community in Sacramento. The aim is to shield them from the increasing wave of anti-trans legislation, including the efforts to ban gender-affirming care happening across the country. This resolution comes after Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) signed a law in 2022, officially designating California as a sanctuary state for trans youth.

The resolution highlights that while California has been at the forefront of safeguarding the healthcare rights of transgender individuals, there is a worrying trend in many other states where these rights are being undermined.

The City of Sacramento recognizes the possible future legislation that could criminalize individuals who provide or seek gender-affirming care. In alignment with our values of equity and inclusion, it is crucial for us to take proactive measures. Therefore, we affirm our commitment to transgender rights and equal protections by declaring ourselves a sanctuary city and a safe haven for transgender individuals.

According to the Movement Advancement Project, a nonprofit think tank dedicated to equality, California is among the 11 states with diverse laws safeguarding access to trans healthcare.

The Trans Legislation Tracker is currently monitoring a total of 533 anti-trans bills, and it anticipates that this number will continue to rise throughout the year. Out of these bills, 228 have been carried over from last year.

Valenzuela expressed their support for the LGBTQ+ community and emphasized that the city is dedicated to providing a safe environment for everyone. They stated that the city will not utilize any resources or staff time to enforce discriminatory laws in other jurisdictions. This commitment goes beyond state regulations and serves as a strong message to the community. Valenzuela made this statement on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday night.

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The testimony given tonight in favor of this resolution served as a compelling reminder of the strength and determination within our community to safeguard the rights of our transgender neighbors.

Critics have argued that providing gender-affirming care to youth can have negative effects.

Beth Bourne, a member of the conservative political organization Moms for Liberty in Sacramento, expressed her disagreement with the notion of a sanctuary city promoting the idea that people can be born in the wrong body. Speaking to Sacramento NBC affiliate KCRA-TV, she shared her perspective on the matter.

The LGBTQ community is currently experiencing political backlash in various parts of the country.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a total of 479 anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced in 2024, with five of them already passing into law as of March 15. The ACLU reports that out of these bills, 135 have been defeated, while 211 have advanced.

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