Ryan Pressly, an Astros player, surprised Blake Foley, an 11-year-old Houston child, with a front yard catch game

Blake Foley has an unwavering determination when it comes to pitching and catching.

According to ABC13, Blake shared that he typically spends his free time playing baseball.

Playing catch in the front yard is a common activity for the 11-year-old, and he often enjoys it with his mother, Hope.

“Hope, a mother of four, shared that her son asks to play catch almost every day.”

Imagine the thrill of having one of the top pitchers from your favorite team unexpectedly join your throwing session. It’s not an everyday occurrence, that’s for sure.

During a recent game of catch in front of their house, Blake and his Mom received an unexpected visit from Astros relief pitcher Ryan Pressly, who happens to live nearby. Stepping out of his vehicle, he approached them and asked Hope if he could borrow her glove. Pressly, a Major League Baseball All-Star, wanted to join in and throw the ball with Blake.

Blake reminisced about the time when he was amazed by the idea that someone would actually want to play catch with him. He couldn’t believe it and said, “No way is he wanting to play catch with me. I’m like, ‘holy cow, this is crazy.'”

Blake and Pressly knew each other from the neighborhood and had interacted before. However, as Blake recalled the events, he had never been asked to play catch by the man who recorded the final out of the 2022 World Series. This made Blake slightly nervous.

After the first five throws, Blake confessed that he became much more at ease. He found himself thinking, “Just don’t miss it, don’t miss it.”

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Pressly spent a good few minutes engaging in a game of catch with Blake. They even took turns trying to hit a whiffle ball off each other.

Hope shared that the entire city should be aware of the incredible actions of Ryan Pressly and how he made an effort to spend time with a devoted Astros fan.

Will it be challenging for Blake to throw with his mother again after his favorite big leaguer, Pressly, briefly replaced her as his throwing partner and transformed their front yard into a field of dreams?

If given the opportunity, I would choose to play with an MLB baseball player over spending time with my mom, even though she’s amazing.

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