Richard Simmons Privately Saves Hundreds of Lives

Richard Simmons continues to have a significant impact on the lives of his fans, even though he is no longer in the public eye. In a recent interview with TMZ, he revealed that he continues to communicate regularly with fans who reach out to him for assistance.

In a heartfelt phone call, Richard expressed his emotions as he shared the overwhelming number of emails he receives daily, which can reach up to 200. On top of that, he also personally makes 15 to 20 phone calls every day to individuals who are going through difficult times.


According to the fitness guru, he has received an incredible response to his “Daily Richards” program. He emphasizes that he has never witnessed people in such a desperate state before.

In an emotional interview with TMZ, Richard expressed his reasons for starting to do audio messages. He shared that he has noticed a significant number of unhappy people and it has motivated him to take action. Richard mentioned that he starts his day by sending emails to individuals, and he revealed that he had already sent out 200 emails on the day of the interview. His main goal is to bring hope to everyone he reaches out to.

Earlier this month, Richard made a heartfelt connection with his fans by allowing them to hear his voice after years of silence. In a touching message, RS shared a beautiful poem that served as a declaration of love.

Richard’s followers were extremely enthusiastic about the audio update, craving for more. This overwhelming response has led Richard to contemplate the idea of expanding his reach by exploring video messages.

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He expresses his desire to make a positive impact on these individuals’ lives, saying, “I hope I can reach out to them and help them discover something meaningful to pursue.”

Richard firmly believes that his purpose in life is to assist and support others. He is completely dedicated to his mission of helping people.

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