Nicki Minaj to Issue Apology to Fans Following Drug Arrest in Amsterdam

Nicki Minaj has expressed her intention to reschedule her canceled concert in England following her recent drug arrest. She also took the opportunity to apologize to her devoted fans for the inconvenience caused.

Late Saturday night, the rapper took to X to share her experience of finally reaching her hotel in Manchester after enduring a six-hour stay in an Amsterdam jail.

Nicki blamed military police officers for causing her show to be canceled after they caught her with “soft drugs” at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. She documented the incident by live-streaming it on her phone. According to Nicki, the drugs confiscated were pre-rolled joints, which she claims belonged to her security guard and not herself.

Nicki also stated that she possesses a substantial amount of video evidence regarding the airport incident. She confidently declared that her lawyers and God will handle the situation moving forward.

In a heartfelt message to her fans, she expressed her sincerest apologies and acknowledged the pain she had experienced. She assured them that despite the challenges she faced, she believed that this difficult time would eventually come to an end.


Nicki has assured fans that she will be rescheduling her Manchester concert soon, with possible dates speculated to be in either June or July.

In addition to the canceled show, Nicki stated that ticket holders would receive an additional bonus, although she did not disclose what it would entail. Furthermore, she revealed that she will still be performing at her scheduled Birmingham gig on Sunday.

Nicki was able to secure her release from police custody by paying a fine of 350 Euros.

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Everything turns out fine in the end.

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