RFK Jr. apologizes to his family for the Super Bowl advertisement

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has issued an apology for a Super Bowl ad that was aired on Sunday by the super PAC supporting his presidential campaign. The ad received criticism from members of his own family, prompting his apology.

The $7 million advertisement, which reached a wide audience of viewers, made direct comparisons between the independent candidate and his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy. Notably, the ad utilized the same ad template that was used in a JFK ad during the 1960s.

Late Sunday night, Kennedy expressed his apologies to X, acknowledging that he feels remorseful if the Super Bowl advertisement caused any distress within his family.

In a recent post, he clarified that the American Values Super PAC was solely responsible for creating and airing the ad, emphasizing that his campaign had no involvement or approval in the process. He pointed out that Federal Election Commission (FEC) rules prohibit Super PACs from consulting with him or his staff. In conclusion, he expressed his love and gratitude to his supporters and offered a heartfelt blessing.

According to Bobby Shriver, the son of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, his mother would be deeply disapproving of Robert Kennedy Jr.’s stance on healthcare.

“My cousin’s Super Bowl ad featured the faces of our uncle and my mother. If she were here, she would be shocked by his dangerous views on healthcare,” Shriver expressed in a post on X, referring to Kennedy’s long-standing skepticism towards vaccines. “Respecting science, vaccines, and ensuring equitable access to healthcare were principles deeply ingrained in her. She was a strong supporter of my work in healthcare at @ONECampaign and @RED, both of which he opposes.”

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Bobby Shriver’s brother, Mark Shriver, expressed his agreement with him in a post on social media.

As of Monday morning, Kennedy’s profile still has the Super Bowl ad X post pinned at the top.

Kennedy has relied heavily on his well-known family name and connections with celebrities during his campaign. However, a number of his relatives have publicly criticized his candidacy and expressed concerns about the potential dangers it poses to our country.

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