Republicans accuse Pritzker of using taxpayer savings as a misleading term for migrant health care

In regards to the state’s program that provides healthcare subsidies to non-citizen migrants, Governor J.B. Pritzker states that any modifications will be determined by the Illinois Legislature. Republicans argue that the program is being inadequately administered and is costing taxpayers.

The Democratic supermajority recently approved a budget that allocates $550 million for taxpayers to cover the expenses of non-citizen health care. According to the projections by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the annual costs are anticipated to be around $773 million.

On Friday, Governor Pritzker announced that his administration is implementing copays for non-citizens in order to reduce the burden on taxpayers. He also mentioned that any additional modifications to the program will require legislative approval.

Illinois Governor, J.B. Pritzker, expressed his commitment to adhering to the budget that was allocated to the state. He emphasized that the upcoming discussions with the Legislature would revolve around determining the course of action for the future. Pritzker’s remark highlights the need for ongoing dialogue to address the state’s financial matters effectively.

Pritzker emphasized that allowing non-citizens to enroll in a managed care organization can lead to savings for taxpayers, in addition to the copays.

According to Pritzker, this program is aimed at saving taxpayers money by preventing people from going to emergency rooms and hospitals.

Senate Republicans have been critical of the continuous burden on taxpayers, arguing that it hampers funding for other important areas. State Senator Don DeWitte, representing St. Charles, raised concerns regarding the effectiveness of copays in saving taxpayers’ money.

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According to DeWitte, it is absolutely nonsensical and disingenuous for copays to be implemented in order to save taxpayers money. He believes that the governor should provide an explanation to the taxpayers of what their true intentions are.

DeWitte revealed last week that the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules had been informed that the participation of non-citizens in managed care organizations is voluntary.

According to DeWitte, if individuals do not enroll in the managed care organization, their only option would be to visit the local emergency room. In such cases, they would be charged with high rates, and it would be the responsibility of the state and federal government to cover these expenses. DeWitte emphasized that there would be no copay in this situation.

Lawmakers will convene on February 20th, while Governor Pritzker is scheduled to unveil his proposed budget on February 21st.

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