Representative Dwight Evans experiences stroke, will be absent from Congress for six weeks

On Thursday, Rep. Dwight Evans of Pennsylvania revealed that he has experienced a minor stroke. However, he remains optimistic and plans to return to his duties in Washington, D.C. after a six-week recovery period.

Evans, a Democrat, did not provide a specific timeframe for when he experienced the stroke, but he did mention that it was diagnosed earlier this week.

He is currently undergoing recovery at a specialized rehabilitation center, where he is projected to remain for an additional week before transitioning to outpatient therapy.

“I anticipate returning to Washington to resume voting in approximately six weeks,” he stated.

Evans, who is 70 years old, stressed that he experienced a minor stroke and only became aware of it a few days later.

“I may experience some difficulty with my leg, which could affect my ability to walk for a while. However, it won’t hinder my long-term dedication to serving the people of Philadelphia,” he explained.

Representing Pennsylvania’s third Congressional District, Evans made a deliberate decision to disclose his condition after carefully considering how to raise awareness about cerebrovascular disease. He saw this as an opportunity to educate the public about the condition.

He mentioned that moving forward, he will persist with his efforts to educate people and eliminate the stigma often associated with strokes.

A stroke, as stated by the American Stroke Association, is a condition that impacts the arteries linked to the brain. It is also identified as the fifth leading cause of death in the United States.

Evans entered Congress in 2016, following a successful tenure of over 35 years in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives.

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In 2022, Sen. John Fetterman, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, experienced a stroke. At that time, he was serving as the state’s lieutenant governor and actively campaigning for the position he currently holds.

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