Severe weather claims multiple lives in Iowa tornado as three states remain under threat

Residents in a small town in Iowa were devastated as a powerful tornado tore through their community on Tuesday, leaving destruction in its wake.

A destructive tornado swept through Greenfield, Iowa, on Tuesday afternoon, wreaking havoc in this small town of 2,000 residents. According to Alex Dinkla, the public information officer for the Iowa State Patrol, there have been multiple casualties and injuries reported as a result of the tornado. However, the exact number of fatalities has not been disclosed by authorities.

The tornado’s immense power was evident as it forcefully propelled debris 40,000 feet into the air, leaving residents several miles away to discover wreckage scattered in their yards.

Sergeant Dinkla expressed his optimism about the future of this town, acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead. However, based on the actions taken by the community today, he believes that they will overcome these obstacles and become even stronger and more united.

The small town suffered significant damage as a result of the tornado.

According to Clel Baudler, a former state representative living near Greenfield, officials are currently prioritizing rescue efforts (The Des Moines Register).

According to Mr. Baudler, ambulances are operating at a frantic pace in both the north and south directions. He mentioned that the current focus is on rescuing and recovering individuals.

Carl Faust, a resident of the town, recounted the terrifying experience of taking shelter in his home alongside his wife as the destructive tornado tore through their community.

“I descended five steps into the basement when the house suddenly began to make popping sounds,” shared Mr. Faust with The Des Moines Register.

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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds expressed her commitment on Tuesday to providing the state’s full resources in order to support the response and recovery effort.

As of Wednesday morning, around 1,400 individuals in Adair County, specifically in the town of Greenfield, are currently experiencing a power outage, according to data from

On Tuesday, the state of Iowa experienced the formation of at least 32 additional tornadoes. The majority of these tornadoes struck central and western parts of the state, specifically within a 50-mile radius of the capital city, Des Moines. This information was reported by local news outlet Fox 9.

Iowans can breathe a sigh of relief on Wednesday as the severe weather starts to calm down. Central Iowa is currently under a hazardous weather outlook warning for non-severe thunderstorms, with a few counties also facing flood warnings.

Severe thunderstorms are currently posing a threat to a large portion of eastern Texas, southeastern Oklahoma, and northwestern Arkansas, as reported by the National Weather Service (NWS).

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a warning for the region, stating that these storms have the potential to bring large hail, damaging wind gusts, and tornadoes. Additionally, heavy rainfall may lead to flooding. The peak of severe weather is expected to occur on Wednesday afternoon in Oklahoma and Arkansas, with eastern Texas remaining on alert until 1am on Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), Texas can expect to experience severe thunderstorms throughout the day on Thursday.

Kansas experienced significant damage on Monday as a brutal storm swept through the state. Russell County was particularly affected, with power lines being knocked down and homes, businesses, and vehicles suffering damage due to strong gusts of wind, according to officials.

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Last week, severe weather struck Houston, Texas, resulting in the tragic loss of seven lives. As a consequence, the residents of Houston are now facing the additional challenge of coping with intense heat, compounded by the widespread power outages.

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