Reporters observe Trump appearing to be asleep during the first day of his criminal trial

Donald Trump’s initial criminal trial has commenced, and according to reports, he appeared to be dozing off during the first day of court proceedings. As a result, a new nickname has emerged.

Former President Donald Trump appeared in court on Monday in New York City for the start of his hush-money case. This trial is the first of three criminal trials he will face. Throughout the day, Trump listened to lawyers discussing the details of the upcoming proceedings.

During the jury selection process, the attorneys engaged in back-and-forth discussions. Amidst this, Maggie Haberman, a reporter from The New York Times, made an appearance on CNN and asserted that Trump seemed to be sleeping.

According to Haberman’s live-blogging, she observed that Trump’s head kept dropping and his jaw appeared to go slack at times, suggesting that he might have been dozing off. Other reporters also noted that his eyes were closed during the event.

Today, many were shocked to hear about this development making its way through the media. It’s interesting how a moniker that is usually assigned to Joe Biden can be applied here today.

Yes, let’s discuss Sleepy Don … a topic that the internet is currently buzzing about. However, as he made his way to court, Trump appeared attentive and engaged as he conversed with reporters. He referred to the trial as an attack on the nation and reiterated his belief that it was a witch hunt.

Allegedly, Trump and his team received hush money payments to keep Stormy Daniels quiet about an affair she claims to have had with him in the 2000s. Trump is now facing 34 counts of falsifying business records, which is considered a felony in New York.

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In today’s court session, there are a few significant updates. Firstly, the transcript of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape will be read aloud in court. Additionally, details regarding another alleged affair involving President Trump and former Playboy model Karen McDougal will also be brought up. Moreover, it is anticipated that Michael Cohen will provide his testimony.


The jury selection process is estimated to span a few weeks, as thousands of Manhattanites have been summoned to participate. The process involves filtering through the large pool of potential jurors to select the final jury members.

The Trump team is currently in search of 12 jurors and 6 alternates who can approach the trial with fairness and impartiality. Donald Trump maintains his plea of not guilty to all 34 charges brought against him.

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