50 Cent, Bobby Shmurda, and Others Distance Themselves from Diddy after Cassie Assault Video

Public distancing from Diddy is gaining momentum within the hip hop community as artists witness the disturbing footage of him assaulting his former partner, Cassie Ventura. Some individuals are even demanding severe consequences for his actions.

50 Cent took a different approach this time and didn’t respond with his usual jokes. Instead, he sarcastically jabbed at Diddy’s legal counsel, anticipating their inevitable defense of their client. He humorously compared the ongoing saga to the television show “Maury,” adding a touch of wit to the situation.

50 Cent, the renowned rapper from G-Unit, has recently revealed his plans to create a documentary about Diddy. This news is particularly interesting because it means that 50 Cent will not only be observing the situation as a social media provocateur, but also as a producer. He is taking an active role in bringing this project to life.

Bobby Shmurda expressed his frustration with Diddy’s lack of self-control when it came to Cassie, regardless of the reason behind the 2016 incident at the L.A. InterContinental Hotel.

Bobby highlights the clear fact that Diddy’s vast wealth and accomplishments should not serve as justification for the actions displayed in the video.

Blueface and The Game’s manager, Wack 100, is furious about the Cassie clip. He expressed his anger towards Diddy and even went as far as calling for prison inmates to physically harm him if he ever ends up behind bars.

Wack made a strong commitment to advocate for Diddy’s complete removal from the culture, emphasizing the need for a permanent departure.

Grammy Award-winning singer Johntá Austin matched Wack’s energy, while Safaree expressed that the Diddy video brought up unresolved childhood triggers for him, although he didn’t elaborate on the specifics.

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The Neighborhood Talk gained significant support from notable figures after sharing Diddy’s enigmatic caption, “Time will tell,” earlier this week.

Busta Rhymes, Deon Cole, and ‘RHOA’ star Peter Thomas may have some regrets about those comments, or maybe they don’t, but many people would love to see them at the forefront of the congregation for some words.

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