Reportedly, Noah Cyrus and Tish Cyrus are feuding following the marriage of the mother to her daughter’s ex-partner

According to a report by PEOPLE, there is a reported feud between singer Noah Cyrus and her mother Tish Cyrus over the same man. It is said that Tish married actor Dominic Purcell, who Noah was reportedly seeing before they ended things and he moved on with her mother. The report states that Tish was aware of Noah’s relationship with Purcell before they broke up and he married Tish.

According to a source close to the family, Noah, 24, felt offended when her 56-year-old mother married the 54-year-old actor from “Prison Break.” This was because he and the singer had previously “hooked up.”

According to a reliable source, Noah and Dominic had been involved in a casual friends-with-benefits relationship on and off. However, their connection came to an end, and it was then that Tish entered the picture. Interestingly, Tish was aware of Noah’s prior involvement with Dominic.

According to a source, Tish never gave Noah the chance to discuss their past relationship before they got married, even though he had already ended things with Purcell.

According to an insider from Entertainment Tonight, Tish deliberately made the decision not to inform her youngest daughter about her growing relationship with Purcell and their plans to get married. As a result, Noah felt hurt and upset by this lack of communication.

Miley Cyrus’ sister, Noah, opens up about her previous struggle with Xanax addiction in a candid conversation. Noah reveals, “I was so far gone.” Her honesty sheds light on the severity of her battle with substance abuse.

According to initial reports, it was first revealed by Us Weekly that there is some tension within the Cyrus family. As per an insider, “Noah was involved with Dominic when Tish began pursuing him. The conflict between Noah and Tish goes beyond what people perceive. Noah is deeply upset about Tish taking Dominic away from her.”

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Noah felt extremely disappointed when she missed out on her mother’s wedding in August 2023. Her sister, Miley Cyrus, was the maid of honor on that special day. Instead, she was seen at Walmart with her brother, Braison. It appeared that Noah’s absence was not solely her own decision, as there were reports suggesting that her mother did not want her or Braison to be present at the significant occasion.

Miley Cyrus’s relationship with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, has reportedly hit a rough patch. According to reports, the singer has had a “major falling out” with her father and has even cut off contact with him. The strained relationship is said to be a result of her parents’ divorce. It seems that the divorce has taken a toll on Miley and has caused a rift between her and her dad.

According to an insider, Tish was the one who did not extend an invitation to Noah and Braison Cyrus for her wedding. Furthermore, she went as far as blocking them on Instagram after she started a relationship with Dominic. The source also revealed that Tish specifically requested security to ensure that Noah and Braison would not be present at the wedding.

Noah, reportedly upset over her mother marrying her ex, has since moved on and got engaged to fashion designer Pinkus in June 2023. This happened just two months after her mother and her ex got engaged.

Miley Cyrus’ dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, is reportedly engaged to singer Firerose, just months after his estranged wife Tish filed for divorce.

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Before her most recent marriage, Tish had been previously married to singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, 62, who has also remarried. They were together for over 28 years and had a blended family. In addition to their three children, Miley, Noah, and Braison, Billy Ray also adopted Tish’s older children, Brandi and Trace, when they got married in 1993. Billy Ray also had a son named Christopher prior to their marriage.

Tish and Billy Ray encountered difficulties in their marriage, going through periods of ups and downs. Eventually, Tish made the decision to file for divorce in April 2022. She stated that their marriage had deteriorated during the pandemic when she stayed in California to be close to their children, while Billy Ray remained in Tennessee.

Noah Cyrus and Tish Cyrus Reportedly Engaged in a Feud Following Tish’s Marriage to Noah’s Ex

It seems like there’s some tension brewing within the Cyrus family. According to reports, there is a feud going on between Noah Cyrus and her mother, Tish Cyrus, after Tish married Noah’s ex-boyfriend.

This unexpected turn of events has caused a rift between mother and daughter, leading to strained relations. The details of the feud are still unclear, but it’s evident that this situation has strained their once-close bond.

Noah Cyrus, who is a popular singer in her own right, has yet to publicly address the situation. However, sources close to the family have confirmed that there is indeed an ongoing feud between Noah and Tish.

It’s always difficult when family conflicts arise, especially when they involve romantic relationships. The dynamics of a parent dating their child’s ex can be particularly complicated and emotionally charged.

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We can only hope that Noah and Tish Cyrus find a way to resolve their differences and mend their relationship. Family is important, and it’s essential to prioritize open communication and understanding in order to heal and move forward.

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