Rep. Jasmine Crockett Sells MTG Insult Tees to Fund Democratic Campaigns

U.S. Rep. Jasmine Crockett is not holding back. She continues to assert her authority over the House Oversight Committee Chairman, after a clash with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene regarding their physical appearances.

In a conversation with TMZ on Tuesday, Jasmine expressed her disillusionment with MTG. She referred to the infamous “fake eyelashes” comment that ignited the intense Congressional exchange last week. However, when it comes to Chairman James Comer’s decision not to remove Greene, Jasmine finds it deeply offensive.

JC emphasizes her commitment to following the rules in Congress and holds her fellow legislators to the same standard. Therefore, she was disappointed when she discovered that Rep. Comer was standing by his decision to let Greene off the hook.

Now, Representative Crockett has openly admitted that she got her revenge on MTG. As she eloquently puts it, “a hit dog hollered.” However, she is cleverly using this situation to benefit a worthy cause.

During the viral showdown, Jasmine emerged as the victor, landing the final blow on MTG, which also involved Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In her scathing remark, she referred to MTG as a “bleached blonde bad built butch body.” The impact of her words was so significant that she is now selling the phrase on t-shirts.

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According to her, she has officially submitted a trademark application with the intention of raising funds to support other Democrats vying for congressional positions.


The Congresswoman has issued a warning to potential bootleggers, stating that they may receive cease and desist letters in the near future. However, even if they don’t, she has a clear message for them regarding what they should do with their profits.

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