Public enraged by Kate Middleton portrait: ‘Is this a joke?’

A British Zambian artist has created a new portrait of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, which has sparked widespread dissatisfaction.

Just one week after Buckingham Palace unveiled a portrait of King Charles III, which received mixed reviews, another portrait has grabbed attention. However, this time it is not an official portrait but a photograph of Princess Catherine featured on the cover of Tatler magazine’s July issue. The portrait showcases Catherine wearing a white gown with a yellow brooch and blue sash, complemented by an elegant tiara. It appears that the inspiration for this photograph draws from some of Catherine’s previous iconic looks.

The final product sparked a wave of anger among social media users, who expressed their outrage through a barrage of insults in the comments section of the magazine’s Instagram.

    • “Is this a joke?”
    • “Awful. Almost anti Royal putting this on [the] front cover of a magazine”
    • “Wait, did lil Louis paint this?”
    • “Omg! HORRIBLE!!!!!!”
    • “Ghastly portrait.”
    • “The Princess of Wales is not even comparable to this picture.”
    • “Sorry but this portrait failed to capture the essence of Princess Catherine in every possible way.”
    • “Why make one eye smaller than the other? There is literally not a bad photo of her in existence. To make such unflattering portrait when you have all the time you need time to produce something amazing is quite incredible.”
    • “Catherine will not be happy and I can’t blame her.”

According to Tatler, artist Hannah Uzor revealed that she invested a significant amount of time studying Catherine. She closely examined her photographs, watched videos of her, observed her interactions with her family, witnessed her diplomatic visits, and even observed her engaging in activities like rowing or visiting children in a hospice.

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Uzor expressed his fascination with getting to know her on a personal level, stating, “I’ve found it truly captivating to understand her as an individual.” He explained the process behind creating the portrait, which involved examining photographs and videos to develop a preliminary sketch. Uzor emphasized the importance of capturing her expression, dedicating numerous sketches in his sketchbook to achieve this goal. Once satisfied with the expression, he then focused on determining the attire she would be depicted in.

The outfit I chose for her was absolutely stunning, exuding a regal and confident aura. Moreover, color played a vital role in this artistic ensemble as it has the power to evoke a certain atmosphere. The carefully selected color beautifully complemented Kate Middleton’s enchanting green eyes.

In March, the Princess of Wales shared in a heartfelt pre-recorded message that she had received a cancer diagnosis and was currently undergoing chemotherapy. It has been several months since she was last seen in public.

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