Milwaukee News Crew Accidentally Captures Insane Hit-and-Run Involving Stolen Car

A local news crew in Milwaukee happened to capture a brutal hit-and-run incident on camera, which quickly went viral.

TMJ4 journalist, Kaylee Staral, took to her social media platform on X to share an intriguing incident that occurred while she was in a Milwaukee neighborhood. She was there to investigate a recent shooting when suddenly, a silver sedan came speeding down the street.

Imagine this scene: a journalist and a bystander engage in conversation on a bustling sidewalk. Suddenly, a piercing screech interrupts their dialogue, drawing their attention to the source. What they witness next is both shocking and alarming. A silver sedan skillfully avoids colliding with an SUV, only to collide head-on with a helpless minivan moments later.

As soon as the vehicle comes to a halt, the driver swiftly exits and dashes down the neighborhood street. Meanwhile, another individual emerges from the passenger seat and urgently cries out for assistance. Eyewitnesses swiftly gather around the car, coming to the aid of the injured man. Despite his cries of pain, they carefully pull him away from the wreckage.

The incident occurred at 7 PM on Sunday, as confirmed by the police. It involved a vehicle that had been stolen recently. Although not captured in the video, there was a 57-year-old man inside the minivan. He was subsequently transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries that have not been specified.

The injured passenger in the stolen sedan has been identified as a 16-year-old. After receiving treatment for his injuries at a hospital, he was subsequently arrested.

The driver is still at large, and the police are urging anyone with information to contact the Milwaukee Police Department at 414-935-7360.

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