Pro-life Legislators in Kansas Urged to Advocate for a Ceasefire in Gaza

From the Israeli side of the border in Southern Israel, there is a striking view of the Gaza Strip. The image captures the landscape, highlighting the geographical proximity between the two regions. The photo was taken on January 8, 2024, by Amir Levy.

I believed that every life holds value and significance.

When the Movement for Black Lives raises awareness about the dangers black people face at the hands of the police in America, I am reminded of the importance of their lives. The plea from Disability Justice activists to prioritize policies and protections for immunocompromised individuals in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic also echoes this sentiment. Similarly, the LGBTQ+ community, in their fight against deadly attacks, seeks to affirm the worth and significance of their bodies and lives.

The Kansas constitution safeguards the freedom of choice and upholds the right to abortion. However, despite this protection, anti-abortion legislators persistently introduce bills aimed at dismantling this liberty. Their main argument centers around the sanctity of life, which they claim begins at conception.

All too often, it appears that the value of every life is not recognized.

If they do, then state policymakers and lobbyists who claim to be “pro-life” should also be actively advocating for a ceasefire. Despite numerous rallies taking place across the state, Kansas districts and localities have yet to join the increasing number of cities calling for humanity and peace.

A man on Twitter recently made a comment stating “war is war” in response to an account shedding light on the ongoing atrocities happening abroad. In response to this statement, @TalkThirty took the initiative to conduct thorough research over a period of two weeks. The aim was to compare the initial months of Israel’s assault in Gaza to other conflicts around the world. The results of their investigation are not only striking but also deeply disturbing.

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All too often, it appears that the value of every life is not recognized.

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According to the World Health Organization, the number of children being killed every 10 minutes has been steadily increasing since November.

UNICEF has highlighted the alarming state of nutrition, revealing that a staggering 90% of children under the age of 2 consume only two or fewer food groups on a daily basis. The limited variety in their diet mainly consists of bread or milk. This dire situation extends to pregnant women and birthing individuals, who are left malnourished and desperate to avoid miscarriages.

In the United States, state governments are actively targeting abortion rights and passing laws that could result in imprisonment for individuals seeking or providing abortions. Over the past two years, nearly half of the states have implemented strict bans that effectively prohibit abortions from the moment of conception or after just six weeks. This aggressive approach poses a significant threat to reproductive freedom and access to safe and legal healthcare options.

Our government institutions prioritize protecting fetuses over the lives of babies and children who are victims of gun violence daily, as well as those who are losing their lives overseas amidst war crimes in Gaza.

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After the Roe v. Wade ruling, there are still some authorities who continue to push for the concept of fetal personhood. This legal idea treats embryos as if they were unborn children, granting them the same constitutional rights to life as protected by the 14th Amendment.

Alabama’s state supreme court made a significant ruling, declaring that “frozen embryos are people.” This landmark decision grants fertilized eggs the same legal protection as babies under the Wrongful Death of a Minor Act.

Advocating for life requires a full-fledged dedication to safeguarding the well-being of all vulnerable individuals, irrespective of their location. It is high time for legislators who oppose abortion to align their actions with the values they profess. The conspicuous absence of action regarding the situation in Gaza reveals a striking contradiction. Nevertheless, it is still possible to hold these individuals accountable and urge them to take decisive steps in upholding the sanctity of life.

In Kansas, Rep. Brenda Landwehr, a Republican from Wichita, passionately stated that there are individuals who seek abortions without fully considering the value of the life involved.

Have you ever taken a moment to consider the lives of children in Gaza? Has she done the same?

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