Good Samaritan claims to have pulled stabbing suspect out of car

As Keith Fahreny was making his way home from his trigonometry class at Rock Valley College on Wednesday afternoon, he noticed a commotion unfolding outside his neighbor’s house.

Fahreny shared with ABC News that when she looked at the woman, she noticed her face had turned bright red due to the blood.

Fahreny explained that he came to a halt and exited his Jeep to assess how he could offer assistance. However, he was taken aback when he noticed a man, who had been standing near the woman, abruptly flee and hop into Fahreny’s own vehicle.

Fahreny recounted the incident, describing how he swiftly reacted by opening the door, seizing the man’s shirt, and forcefully pushing him to the ground. In self-defense, Fahreny courageously fought back, feeling the impact of the man’s punches on the side of his head.

“I didn’t fully comprehend the situation until I felt a warm trickle down my chest and realized it was blood,” he recounted.

A Winnebago County sheriff’s deputy vehicle showed up at the scene during that time.

Fahreny said that when he spotted the police, the individual immediately fled from the scene.

According to J. Hanley, the Winnebago County State’s Attorney, a deputy pursued the attacker on foot and apprehended him after a short scuffle. During the altercation, the deputy sustained cuts to his hands.

During a press briefing on Thursday, Hanley praised Fahreny for his quick response in coming to Craig’s aid. Hanley highlighted Fahreny’s immediate action of positioning himself between Craig and her attacker, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to her safety.

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Fahreny expressed his willingness to assist and mentioned that he was exploring ways to be of help.

“The police officers expressed their gratitude, repeatedly thanking Fahreny for apprehending the suspect,” Fahreny recalled. “In response, I humbly replied, ‘I didn’t do anything, I was simply present to lend a hand.’ I was completely unaware of the situation unfolding before me.”

The authorities have apprehended and formally charged Christian Soto, a 22-year-old suspect, with four counts of murder, seven counts of attempted murder, and two counts of home invasion with a dangerous weapon, as confirmed by Hanley. Soto is currently in custody, as his public defender requested a delay in his detention hearing during his initial court appearance on Thursday, as reported by Chicago ABC station WLS.

After being arrested, Soto chose not to exercise his Miranda rights to stay silent and instead spoke to investigators. He admitted to being under the influence of marijuana, which he claimed was given to him by one of the people he killed. According to Soto, he believed the marijuana was mixed with a potent drug.

According to Hanley, Soto remained conscious throughout the entire rampage and was able to recall the details of each attack during his interview with investigators.

Hanley admitted that he was unable to provide a definitive answer to the motive behind the incident. He expressed uncertainty about whether they would ever truly understand the true reason behind it.

After the attack, Fahrney is currently recuperating at home. He has eight staples in the back of his head from the stabbing and a slash on his cheek. Despite these injuries, he reassures everyone that he is “doing OK.”

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“I can’t begin to fathom the challenges that other families are currently facing,” he expressed. “All I can say is that I feel a deep sense of relief knowing that my son is out of harm’s way, and that our neighborhood remains secure.”

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