California braces for powerful storm with flash flooding, high winds, and snowfall

A significant storm heading towards the West Coast has prompted the issuance of multiple weather alerts for California, Nevada, and Arizona. Among these alerts is a flood watch for Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

A powerful storm is heading towards Southern California, following the recent snowstorm that dumped 10 to 13 inches of snow across the region. This upcoming storm is expected to bring flash flooding, strong winds, and heavy snow, creating potentially hazardous conditions.

The San Francisco Bay area will experience the heaviest rainfall on Friday morning and early afternoon. Afterwards, the rain will move down the coast towards Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, reaching these areas by the evening and continuing into Saturday morning.

Southern California, including San Diego, can expect intermittent showers and thunderstorms throughout the weekend.

Most areas can expect to receive between 1 and 3 inches of rain, with the potential for up to 6 inches in the foothills of southern California. This heavy rainfall has the potential to trigger flash flooding, mudslides, rockslides, and debris flow.

In the mountains, spanning from the Sierras to southern California, meteorologists are predicting an accumulation of 1 to 3 feet of snow.

By Sunday, the Rockies could potentially experience heavy snow as part of the same storm system, with the possibility of accumulations ranging from 1 to 2 feet.

By Monday, severe weather is expected to sweep across the Heartland, posing a significant threat from Texas to Illinois. These storms are anticipated to bring damaging winds, hail, and the possibility of a few tornadoes.

Severe weather is expected to impact the Ohio River Valley and the Mid-South from Alabama to Ohio by Tuesday. This weather system will bring damaging winds, heavy rain, and the possibility of isolated tornadoes.

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