Poll: 82% of Michiganders Favor Using All Gas Taxes to Repair Roads and Bridges

According to a recent EPIC-MRA poll, a staggering 82% of Michigan voters believe that all taxes collected at the gas pump should be allocated towards the crucial task of funding and repairing the state’s roads and bridges. This overwhelming majority reflects the public’s strong desire to prioritize infrastructure improvement and ensure that valuable resources are directed towards addressing this pressing issue.

The poll, which consisted of 600 samples, was conducted from February 13th to February 18th. The participants were active and likely November voters from across the state. The interviews were conducted live, and cell phones were used for calling purposes.

According to the survey, a significant majority of 82% to 13% expressed the opinion that all taxes paid at the gas pump should be allocated towards the improvements of Michigan’s roads and bridges. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 4%.

Upon being informed about the 6% sales tax levied on gasoline purchases and the diversion of funds from transportation, an overwhelming 66% of individuals expressed their support for a legislative measure mandating that the entire $1.1 billion be allocated exclusively to transportation.

The Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association commissioned a survey to gather opinions on the allocation of taxes paid at the gas pump towards Michigan’s road and bridge improvements. Respondents were asked whether they believed that all of the taxes they pay at the gas pump should be directed towards funding these infrastructural enhancements.

According to the survey, a significant majority of 82% believe that all taxes paid at the gas pump should be allocated towards the improvement of Michigan’s roads and bridges. Only 13% of respondents disagreed with this proposition, while 5% remained undecided.

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In terms of Michigan regions, Central Michigan showed the highest level of support for directing all taxes paid at the pump towards road and bridge improvements, with an overwhelming 95% in favor. On the other hand, Western Michigan displayed comparatively weaker support, with 76% backing the idea.

According to a recent survey, it was found that a majority of Trump voters (85%), Biden voters (80%), and even undecided voters (79%) believe that all taxes should be allocated towards transportation.

Conservative voters show a strong preference for allocating all taxes to transportation, with 88% in favor. Moderates also lean towards this idea, with 80% supporting it, while liberals follow closely behind at 77%. Among Democrats, 79% believe that taxes should be directed towards transportation, while 84% of Independents and 85% of Republicans share the same sentiment.

According to the data, voters with household incomes between $50,000 and $75,000 show the highest level of support at 92%. This is closely followed by voters with incomes under $50,000, who express 87% support. Among those with incomes ranging from $100,000 to $150,000, 82% are supportive, while 76% of voters with incomes between $75,000 and $100,000 show their support. Lastly, voters with incomes over $150,000 have a support rate of 72%.

According to Rob Coppersmith, the Executive Vice President of MITA, there is a strong desire among Michiganders to use all gas taxes for road repairs.

According to a statement by Coppersmith, it is evident that Michigan voters have consistently highlighted the importance of addressing the state’s deteriorating infrastructure. Over the years, the state has failed to allocate sufficient funds for infrastructure improvements, resulting in a significant deficit of $3.9 billion. In order to bridge this gap, it is crucial to consider a range of options, including the utilization of taxes collected at the pump.

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According to a recent report, it has been revealed that Michigan requires an additional $2.4 billion in order to address the issue of fixing county roads.

Coppersmith emphasized the need for a funding mechanism that can provide long-term sustainability in order to address the road repair issues.

According to Coppersmith, collecting taxes at the gas pump has always been seen as a fair way to ensure that those who use Michigan’s infrastructure contribute their fair share. Currently, only $50 million out of the $1.1 billion generated from the 6% sales tax at the pump goes towards repairing roads and bridges, while the rest is allocated to education and local communities.

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