Police arrest four suspects, seek a fifth after a 15-year-old girl is trafficked for months in DeKalb and Fulton counties

Damonte Freeman, a father of five who works near the motel, expressed his deep concern about the issue, saying, “Yeah, that bothers me a lot, man. You see kids, man, on the streets and stuff and you never think like they’ll be around here getting sex trafficked the whole time.” Freeman’s words highlight the alarming reality of children being subjected to sex trafficking in their own neighborhoods.

According to the police, that is precisely what occurred.

According to Atlanta Police Investigator Tracy Lewis, during a news conference on Friday morning, it was revealed that she had been reported missing in December.

According to Lewis, the 15-year-old girl managed to escape and sought help from someone who immediately dialed 911.

“She explained that she was able to provide us with the names of the suspects who were the traffickers.”

DeKalb police, the DeKalb District Attorney’s office, the FBI, and other agencies collaborated on a comprehensive investigation that resulted in the apprehension of Wells, Levi Sears, Taalib Blount, and Talmes Eugene Smith.

According to Officer’s statements to Channel 2’s Tom Jones, the search for Harold Poole is still ongoing.

The police credited her with providing valuable information, such as tag numbers, which proved crucial in locating the individuals responsible for her harassment.

According to Lewis, the woman developed a habit of watching crime shows in order to remember important details in case she found herself in a dangerous situation.

According to the police, there is a possible connection between this case and three other victims aged between 14 and 16.

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According to Freeman, the idea simply doesn’t make any sense.

“He said that no child deserves that. They don’t even have a chance to grow.”

Managers at America’s Best Value Inn express empathy towards the 15-year-old and were deeply angered upon learning about the incident. They firmly state that they do not support or tolerate any form of human trafficking.

The management team at Adams House claims to have a newly established team in place and asserts that they were unaware of the allegations.

If you have any information regarding Poole’s whereabouts, please assist the police by calling Atlanta police or contacting Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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