Philly Lottery Player Strikes It Rich With Seven-Figure Prize

According to a release from Lottery officials, the “Ca$h Wanted” game at the Commissary Food Market on Ridge Avenue made one fortunate individual a winner of $1,192,632.50.

The vendor will be receiving a bonus check of $10,000 for its contribution.

“Ca$h Wanted” is an exciting $20 Fast Play game that offers progressive top prizes starting at $300,000. With Fast Play games, there’s no need to scratch or wait for a drawing – simply scan the ticket immediately at your Lottery retailer.

Players have the option to verify their winnings by scanning the ticket at a Lottery retailer or by utilizing the official Pennsylvania Lottery mobile app. It is crucial for winners to promptly endorse the back of their ticket and contact the Lottery at 1-800-692-7481.

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