A Family Takes Their 13-Year-Old to Adopt a Kitten, But Ends Up Adopting the Oldest Cat at the Shelter

When Magnolia Jean took her 13-year-old daughter to a humane society, they expected to adopt a kitten. However, their plans quickly shifted when they met a 14-year-old cat at the shelter. Surprisingly, this cat turned out to be the oldest one in the entire shelter.

But age didn’t matter to this child when it came to her feline companion. She had developed a deep love for her new friend, and that bond remains unbreakable even after three years. Magnolia recently shared a heartwarming video of them spending time together while the 16-year-old studies. It’s a truly adorable sight!

Teen Instantly Bonds With Old Shelter Cat

Magnolia expresses her admiration for the strong bond between these two individuals, exclaiming, “Be still my heart.”

The cat captivates people with her focused gaze as she attentively peers at the teen’s papers. It’s almost as if she, too, is preparing for an upcoming test. Fortunately, she is simply a study buddy!

“This is the new math, huh?” one commenter jokingly writes, as if expressing the cat’s perspective. “It’s definitely not how it used to be.”

Many people are captivated by the unique connection that forms between a person and their cat, particularly those who have senior cats as companions.

“I had the most amazing 5 years with my senior cat!” exclaimed one individual. “I miss her every single day. Everyone should consider adopting senior cats!”

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