Passenger jumps off world’s largest cruise ship and dies as it sets sail from Florida

A tragic incident occurred on the world’s largest cruise ship, as a passenger lost their life after jumping overboard shortly after it departed from Florida.

According to the New York Post, a male passenger, who remains unidentified, reportedly leaped from the 20-deck high Icon of the Seas after it departed from a Florida port on Sunday. The cruise was set to embark on a seven-day journey around the Caribbean, with its first stop planned in Honduras.

According to the Coast Guard, their involvement in the incident was limited to assisting in the search for the man. They stated to the New York Post that “the cruise ship deployed one of their rescue boats, located the man, and brought him back aboard.”

The Coast Guard confirmed that the man has been declared deceased.

According to Cruise Hive, the incident took place in the morning, when the world’s largest cruise experience was approximately 300 miles away from PortMiami and about 30 to 40 miles north of Santa Lucia, Cuba.

The Royal Caribbean, known for its fleet of groundbreaking large cruise ships including the Icon of the Seas, acted swiftly to address a recent incident. According to a statement provided to the outlet, the ship’s crew promptly informed the US Coast Guard and initiated a search and rescue operation.

The cruise company stated that their care team is currently offering support and assistance to the loved ones of the guest during this challenging period. They also mentioned that, in order to respect the privacy of the guest and their family, they are unable to provide any further information.

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The cruise ship, with a capacity of over 5,000 guests, set sail in January of this year. However, on Sunday, an incident occurred that caused the ship to come to a halt for approximately two hours. During this time, a search was conducted to resolve the situation.

According to CruiseMapper tracking data, the Icon of the Seas is scheduled to arrive at the port of Costa Maya, Mexico by noon on Tuesday.

Over a month ago, tragedy struck another Royal Caribbean cruise ship, the Liberty of the Seas. During a trip around the Bahamas, a young man named Levion Parker, aged 20, is believed to have gone overboard. Now, a similar incident has occurred on yet another Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

The cruise line promptly initiated a search and rescue operation in collaboration with the US Coast Guard. However, despite their efforts, they were unable to locate him, leading to the suspension of the mission after five days.

In recent months, the cruise company has also experienced some remarkable rescues. One notable example was the successful recovery of a passenger who had fallen overboard from the Symphony of the Seas in October.

The cruise ship, which had recently departed from Barcelona, reported that a guest had fallen overboard shortly after leaving the port. Fortunately, the crew was able to quickly retrieve the guest and bring them back on board.

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