An explosion in downtown Youngstown, Ohio, killed one person and injured seven others

An explosion in downtown Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday left seven people injured, with one person in critical condition. Additionally, two individuals are still missing as a result of the incident, according to officials.

According to the police, there was an explosion near Central Square on Tuesday afternoon, and they are advising people to stay away from the area.

Authorities are uncertain about the cause of the explosion, which affected a building housing both a Chase bank and apartments.

Youngstown Fire Chief Barry Finley initially described the incident as a natural gas explosion. However, he later clarified that the crews were investigating the possibility of a gas leak.

During a press briefing on Tuesday evening, Finley informed reporters that there had been an explosion.

Mercy Health announced on Tuesday evening that they are currently providing medical care to seven individuals who were injured in the incident. One of the patients is in critical condition, receiving immediate attention and intensive care.

According to Fire Chief Finley, after thoroughly searching the building, officials have been unable to locate a man and woman. It was revealed that the man is actually an employee of the bank. In light of the explosion, authorities are currently conducting a search for his vehicle.

Finley expressed that for the time being, it is necessary to operate under the assumption that he is still present within the premises.

According to Finley, search crews were working to send a mini-drone into the flooded basement to aid in the search effort as the floor collapsed.

The Chase bank occupies the ground floor of the building, while the upper 12 floors are dedicated to apartment units.

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Authorities have closed off the surrounding streets and evacuated the building indefinitely, citing the risk of a structural collapse.

According to a spokesperson from Chase, the company is closely communicating with local officials to ensure the safety of everyone in the building and surrounding area.

“We will then proceed to investigate the incident and evaluate the extent of the harm,” the spokesperson stated.

Officials have stated that there is currently no evidence of any suspicious activity.

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