Paragliding Crash Caught on Video: YouTuber Anthony Vella Breaks Neck

A YouTuber narrowly escaped death in a terrifying paraglider crash. The incident resulted in multiple broken bones and left him immobilized on the ground, desperately pleading for assistance.

Anthony Vella, a popular internet personality, found himself in a terrifying situation during a motorized paraglide ride in Texas. In a video that he filmed, things took a turn for the worse as he plummeted to the ground. The footage captures Anthony screaming in pain before desperately calling out to Siri on his phone, asking for help by dialing 911.

Two eyewitnesses quickly came to Anthony’s aid, providing assistance in reaching out to first responders and notifying his wife, Leandra. Anthony, who was traveling at a speed of approximately 50 mph prior to his fall, was immediately taken to the hospital. There, medical professionals diagnosed him with a fractured neck, back, pelvis, and a broken arm. As a result, he will undergo surgery to address his injuries.

Anthony’s crash has garnered an outpouring of love and support from his followers, and his wife expressed her gratitude for this in a heartfelt message. She took the time to thank everyone who has been there for them during this difficult time and encouraged them to continue supporting Anthony as he undergoes rehabilitation.

In a heartfelt message shared on YouTube, she expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming love and support they have received. She emphasized that it is difficult to put into words just how much it means to her, Anthony, and their family. Additionally, she mentioned that Anthony is eagerly looking forward to regaining his strength and returning to his active lifestyle.

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Anthony revealed that the unforeseen crash occurred due to his oversight during the pre-flight check. He had missed a small tension knot in his paraglider, leading to the collapse of the aircraft.

Anthony has a deep familiarity with high-risk activities, regularly sharing his paraglider rides with his YouTube following of over 24K. It seems that he doesn’t attribute the blame solely to the sport itself.

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