Jerry Seinfeld Criticizes ‘Extreme Left’ in Comedy Leading Up to His 70th Birthday

Jerry Seinfeld, as he approaches his 70th birthday, has taken the time to ponder the current state of comedy. According to the legendary comedian, modern showbiz has lost its sense of humor due to the influence of politically correct culture.

In a recent episode of the New Yorker’s Radio Hour, the iconic comedian shared his thoughts on the current state of comedy. According to him, comedy today is not at its best, and he attributes this to the influence of the “extreme left.” He believes that TV shows and sitcoms have been adversely affected by this ideological shift.


People crave comedy in their lives, especially in the 21st century and even more so in 2024 when they switch on their televisions to unwind at night.

Jerry reflects on the past and recalls a time when people could rely on finding something funny on television when they came home. Shows like ‘Cheers’ and ‘M.A.S.H.’ were guaranteed to bring laughter. However, Jerry laments that such a guarantee is now completely absent in today’s television landscape.


He attributes this decline to woke-ism and “PC nonsense,” which he believes has stifled creativity and caused people to be overly concerned about offending certain groups with jokes. He also points out that scripts now undergo extensive reviews by numerous parties, resulting in a watering down of content.

Jerry’s opinion holds significant weight, considering he had one of the most successful comedy shows in history with “Seinfeld.” However, it may come as a surprise to some to hear him make this statement.

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Despite his concern about the direction comedy is taking, he still holds a deep affection for New York City.

Jerry reflects on the enduring nature of New York City amidst a rapidly changing world. He remarks that despite the transformations taking place, the city he knows and loves remains consistent. It is still populated by genuine individuals who revel in their cantankerousness, finding solace in their shared inclination to vent and endure. While everything else evolves into unfamiliar territory, New York remains a steadfast and familiar presence for Jerry.

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