Outrage sparked as Biden White House accused of withholding ‘sensitive’ Hamas intelligence from Israel

The White House responded on Monday to reports from the Times of Israel and Washington Post, denying claims that it is providing “sensitive intelligence” to Israel regarding the locations of Hamas leaders. These reports suggested that the information would be given if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decides against a complete invasion of Rafah.

President Biden has recently cautioned Israel against entering the southern Gaza city and has issued a warning to halt munitions shipments if an invasion were to take place.

According to the Washington Post, four individuals who are knowledgeable about the matter have revealed that the administration is providing intelligence regarding Hamas tunnels and the secret locations where its leaders are hiding. This intelligence is being offered on the condition that Israel withdraws.

The U.S. is still assisting the IDF in targeting Hamas leadership, according to a statement provided to Fox News Digital by a National Security Council spokesperson.

Retired US General expresses astonishment at President Biden’s firm grip on the recent weapons shipment to Israel, stating that this event signifies a crucial turning point.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed concern over President Biden’s decision to withhold weapons from Israel, warning that this action may result in civilian casualties within Gaza. Netanyahu emphasized that without sufficient defensive capabilities, Israel would be at a heightened risk and may be forced to take more aggressive measures to protect its citizens. Such measures, while aiming to ensure national security, could potentially lead to unintended harm to innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“We continue to work on this project continuously, without holding anything back,” the official declared.

Yahya Sinwar, the chief of Hamas, should and must be held accountable for the horrors that took place during the October 7 attack.

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According to Victoria Coates, a former Trump National Security Council official, intelligence sharing serves as the foundation of the security partnership between the United States and Israel.

According to Coates, if one partner fails to fulfill their obligations, it raises doubts about the entire relationship due to its uniqueness and high level of sophistication.

“This is deeply troubling if the administration possesses information about the Hamas leadership, who currently hold eight Americans in Gaza – five of them alive and three deceased – and has not shared this information with the Israelis.”

According to Coates, currently serving as the Vice President of the Heritage Foundation’s national security and foreign policy institute, if the report is indeed accurate, it portrays the Biden administration engaging in a “political game” rather than fighting for the survival of the Jewish State.

Several of President Biden’s donors are expressing their frustration and disappointment over his recent announcement to halt weapon shipments to Israel. They believe that this decision is detrimental and will have negative consequences for both Israel and the United States.

One donor stated, “This is a bad, bad, bad decision. It sends the wrong message to our allies and emboldens our enemies. Israel relies on these weapons to defend itself, and by pausing the shipments, we are putting their security at risk.”

Another donor echoed these sentiments, saying, “I understand the need for diplomacy and a peaceful resolution, but we cannot ignore the fact that Israel is under constant threat from hostile forces. Withdrawing support in this manner is a mistake that will only lead to further instability in the region.”

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These donors are not alone in their criticism. Many supporters of Israel, both within and outside of the Democratic Party, are expressing their disappointment and concern over this decision. They fear that it will undermine the long-standing alliance between the United States and Israel and weaken Israel’s ability to defend itself against its adversaries.

While President Biden has emphasized his commitment to Israel’s security, his decision to pause weapon shipments has raised doubts among some of his donors and supporters. They argue that this move will do more harm than good and could have far-reaching consequences for the stability of the Middle East.

It remains to be seen how this decision will impact the relationship between the United States and Israel, as well as the broader dynamics of the ongoing conflict in the region. However, the discontent among Biden’s donors highlights the complex challenges and competing interests that he faces in navigating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

According to Coates, when questioned about accusations of the Biden administration using the Israel issue for political gain, she acknowledged that Biden has a vested interest in winning over the youth vote. She noted that the younger demographic tends to show more support for the Palestinians compared to other age groups in the United States.

According to the speaker, the 18-to-24 age group is crucial for the Democratic Party, as they played a significant role in electing President Biden in 2020 and preventing a red wave in 2022. However, it has become evident in the past six months that this particular demographic is strongly supportive of the Palestinian cause, if not openly endorsing Hamas.

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“I believe that’s the specific demographic they are targeting.”

According to Ric Grenell, who held the positions of both intelligence chief and ambassador to Germany under Trump, the president’s conduct can be classified as an “impeachable offense.”

Grenell criticized Joe Biden for using U.S. intelligence as a tool to seek assistance from Israel in order to secure a victory in Michigan. Grenell believes that instead of using intelligence for political gain, Biden should prioritize utilizing all available information to bring back the American hostages held by Hamas.

Fox News radio host Guy Benson expressed his disbelief, describing the report as “surreal.”

According to the Post report, Biden and his senior aides have made an offer to assist in establishing food delivery systems and providing shelter for Palestinians who have been displaced from Rafah.

The White House has made efforts to persuade Israel to carry out targeted strikes in Rafah instead of the more aggressive approach threatened by Jerusalem. Additionally, it hopes that providing more detailed intelligence assistance to Israel could discourage them from launching large-scale offensives.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated in an interview with CBS News on Sunday that the objectives of the U.S. government align with those of the Israelis.

“We aim to prevent Hamas from governing Gaza once more,” stated Blinken.

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