Baltimore bridge collapse cleanup faces long and challenging road: Not quick or easy

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg acknowledged that the process of rebuilding the partially collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore will be a challenging and costly endeavor. He emphasized that it will not be a quick or easy task.

“We will definitely accomplish it,” he assured journalists during a press briefing at the White House on Wednesday.

Buttigieg emphasized that the federal government is committed to providing assistance for the ongoing recovery, cleanup, and construction efforts in the coming months and possibly even years. He acknowledged that there may be logistical challenges that need to be overcome along the way.

The transportation secretary acknowledged that the task ahead would not be easy.

According to the speaker, it took approximately five years to finish constructing the original bridge.

According to the expert, it may not take exactly five years to replace the structure, but it highlights the level of effort and planning that went into constructing the original building. He emphasized the importance of assessing the existing conditions and infrastructure, even if some parts appear fine at first glance. Understanding the foundational structure is crucial to determine the overall integrity of the building.

“We will come together and rebuild,” he said, acknowledging the long and challenging journey that lies ahead.

According to Buttigieg, he does not have an exact cost estimate for the reconstruction, but he emphasizes that the federal government can immediately start providing emergency funds to assist with the recovery.

“We currently do not have specific dollar estimates at this time. However, we have provisions in place that enable us to release funding without delay while we determine the exact amount,” he explained. “Just today, we received an emergency relief funding request from the Maryland state transportation department. We will promptly process this request in order to provide them with the necessary support.”

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According to Buttigieg, he anticipates that the White House will require lawmakers to approve extra funds, in addition to the approximately $1 billion already designated by the 2021 infrastructure law, for potential emergency relief.

In regard to securing additional funds, he confidently stated, “It is highly probable, and I would even say likely, that we will approach Congress for assistance. However, this should not impede us from taking action in the coming days to initiate the process.”

Early on Tuesday, a cargo ship collided with the bridge, leading to the near-total collapse of the span and causing a halt in vessel traffic to and from the Port of Baltimore.

During Wednesday’s briefing, Buttigieg expressed his concerns regarding the detrimental effects of the port’s prolonged closure on the local economy.

In acknowledging the need for time to reopen the channel, he emphasized that it cannot be achieved overnight. He recognized the need to proactively address the consequences during this period and stated, “We are actively working to minimize these effects.”

He plans to meet with shippers and other supply chain partners on Thursday to gain a better understanding of their needs during this disruption.

He added that the Port of Baltimore holds significant importance as a crucial port. Therefore, in order to support our supply chains and the livelihoods of the workers dependent on it, we are committed to expeditiously reopening it in a safe manner.

In a speech delivered from the White House on Tuesday afternoon, President Joe Biden voiced his commitment to supporting the reconstruction of the bridge by stating, “It is my intention for the federal government to cover the entire cost of rebuilding that bridge. I anticipate that Congress will back my endeavor.” President Biden’s administration is determined to lend its full support to the rebuilding efforts.

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“This task will require a significant amount of time,” stated the president confidently. However, he emphasized, “We are committed to staying until we successfully complete this job.”

According to officials, they have stated that the crash seemed to be accidental rather than intentional.

According to officials, two individuals were saved from the Patapsco River, while at least six individuals are still unaccounted for. The search and rescue efforts for the missing construction workers were halted on Tuesday evening, and now focus has shifted towards recovery operations.

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