Senior dog who spent 11 years in an Alabama shelter resumes her search for a home in Wisconsin

A senior dog is embarking on a journey to a different state in her quest to find a loving forever home.

13-year-old Fergie, who had spent the majority of her life in a shelter in southern Alabama, recently made the move to Wisconsin with the assistance of Second Chance Shelter, as reported by local outlets WECT and WMTV.

Wanda McGee and her husband are dedicated to helping dogs in need. They have taken on the important task of bringing dogs from overcrowded shelters in Alabama to Wisconsin, where there is a shortage of stray dogs. According to Wanda, the situation in Alabama is dire, with strays being a common sight on every corner.

McGee, who has transported hundreds of dogs like Fergie through Second Chance, considers it a labor of love.

She mentioned that there is no financial gain in pursuing this endeavor and emphasized that there is a significant distinction to be made.

Fergie arrived in Wisconsin on Saturday morning and settled into a foster home arranged by Albert’s Dog Lounge, a rescue organization based in Whitewater. As part of her fresh start, she has been given a new name: Fiona.

McGee’s journey began when he was just a young dog, and it has been a remarkable one.

According to McGee, the dog was actually trapped by animal control before being rescued. She was approximately one year old at the time and had a feral nature.

“She mentioned that she has only recently become comfortable enough to allow us to pet her.”

Fiona, who has been recently renamed, is currently being cared for by Lindsey Decker, the vice president of Albert’s Dog Lounge, until a permanent owner is found.

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Decker expressed her delight at being able to connect the shelter with a potential forever home for the dog. She emphasized that whether the dog ends up staying with her or finding amazing adopters, the main goal is to ensure a happy outcome for the dog. Decker described the day as a truly joyful one.

Fiona, who spent over a decade of her life in a shelter, now finds herself in a temporary home where she can enjoy the company of other senior dogs and freely roam acres of yard. It’s a stark contrast to her previous living conditions.

“Fiona is loving her time at Albert’s Dog Lounge! She’s enjoying exploring all the new smells, having the freedom to roam around, and indulging in delicious meals fit for a queen. Not only that, but she’s also making new furry friends and staying cozy by the pellet stove with me. We’re on the lookout for the perfect forever family for Fiona!”

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