Oregon Area Bracing for Heavy Rain, Snow, and Thunderstorms from Feb 25th – 28th, according to National Weather Force

Across the Oregon Area:

Rain showers and primarily mountain snow are expected to move through the region as the system approaches. There is also a possibility of lower elevation snowfall, as mentioned earlier. The coastal regions of Oregon can anticipate heavy rainfall at times. Following the front, there will be widespread showers and thunderstorms on Monday, accompanied by cold air aloft and elevated instability. These conditions may produce hail or graupel throughout the entire region west of the mountains. To get a better understanding of the forecast, refer to the maps showing rainfall, snowfall, and potential wind gusts. For more specific details, please check the overall forecast.

Overall Forecast:

A trough is predicted to approach the upper levels of the atmosphere over Portland, dipping down off the coast. Simultaneously, a cold front will sweep through from the northwest to the southeast. This upcoming week, cooler temperatures are expected as colder air moves in starting Sunday night. Mountain areas like the Cascades and nearby hills above 1000 feet have a good chance of experiencing snowfall. With significant incoming moisture, there is a possibility of substantial snow accumulation, particularly in the mountains, where some areas could receive over a foot of snow. Residents living in the Coast Range or Willapa Hills above 1000 feet should anticipate 2-5 inches of snow in the early stages. It’s worth noting that strong winds may cause reduced visibility due to blowing snow.

Expect on-and-off rain and snow on Monday if you’re above 1000 feet. By Monday afternoon, the weather could turn stormy, with thunderstorms even possible in lower areas. These storms may bring small hail or graupel, which is soft hail. However, by Monday night, the risk for storm development will decrease as more stable air moves in. This will be followed by snow and rain showers, some of which may be heavy at times on Tuesday. For more updates on the hourly forecast and further details on the timing, please refer below.

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Timing & Impact: The system will bring rain showers with mainly mountain snow on Saturday night. There is also a possibility of lower elevation snowfall. The rain will be heavy, especially near the coastal regions of Oregon. On Monday, behind the front, there will be widespread showers and thunderstorms throughout the region west of the Mountains. These storms have the potential to produce hail/grapple. Snow is expected on Tuesday, gradually turning into rain after the morning hours, with snow levels rising to 1500 feet higher. Detailed maps for rainfall, snowfall, and potential wind gusts can be found below.

The main impact of this weather system will be moderate to heavy rainfall, heavy mountain snow, and the possibility of small hail or grapple.

Keep an eye out for further updates.

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