“Oh my god”: Stormy Daniels’ lawyer wrote “what have we done?” after Trump won the election

According to recently revealed text messages, the lawyer who negotiated a hush money deal to keep a Playboy model’s alleged affair with Donald Trump from becoming public was shocked by the former president’s victory in 2016.

During Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial, Keith Davidson, a former attorney for Karen McDougal, testified and presented text messages he had sent to Dylan Howard, the former editor in chief of the National Enquirer. These text messages became evidence in the trial. It was revealed that the National Enquirer had agreed to pay $150,000 for the rights to McDougal’s story but chose to bury it as a means of supporting Trump’s campaign. This information was disclosed by former publisher David Pecker during his testimony.

Davidson wasted no time after Trump’s surprising win in 2016. He quickly grabbed his phone and sent Howard a text at 3 a.m.

“What have we done?” he pondered, his thoughts filled with a sense of dread, as the reality sank in that Trump was on the path to securing enough electoral votes to claim the presidency.

Howard exclaimed, “Oh my god.”

During his testimony on Thursday, Davidson, who previously acted as the attorney for Stormy Daniels, clarified that the texts exchanged were intended as a form of “gallows humor,” according to NBC News.

Davidson expressed his surprise at Donald Trump’s leading position in the polls, noting that there was a growing anticipation among broadcasters and others to declare him the winner of the election. He acknowledged that he and Howard were aware that their actions might have played a role in supporting Trump’s presidential campaign.

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