Northland woman known for giving back loses her home to fire

A community activist in Kansas City’s Northland saw their home destroyed by a fire over the weekend.

Shetara Sims, renowned for her philanthropic efforts in raising funds for police-related cases and providing employment opportunities to the homeless, finds herself in a dire situation after a devastating house fire engulfed her home on an early Sunday morning.

Early Sunday morning, Sims was awakened by her dog, who alerted her to a fire engulfing her home on N. Smalley Ave. in the Northland. Sims has been living in this house for eight years.

The fire was too intense for the small fire extinguisher she had in hand to combat.

According to a spokesperson from the Kansas City Fire Department, the house is most likely completely destroyed. They believe that the cause of the fire was electrical.

“I’m not one to sit idly by and wait for others to come to my aid. I take an active approach to my situation and strive to find solutions on my own. Those who are familiar with me understand that I possess inner strength, but there are times when I face challenges that can be quite demanding,” shared Sims.

Sims gained recognition for her heartfelt act of donating her lottery winnings to the Kansas City Police Department. The tragic loss of her daughter prompted an investigation by the dedicated detectives. It was during this time that “FOX and Friends,” a program on the FOX News Channel, brought her story to light. Kansas City Police officers initiated a GoFundMe page to support Sims when she faced unemployment, which successfully raised $59,000. Additionally, Sims took the initiative to start another crowdfunding campaign, which garnered an impressive $167,000 in support of various police-related causes.

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Sims, in addition, initiated a trucking company with the aim of providing homeless individuals with fresh opportunities to become truck drivers.

“It’s really unfortunate how karma works. When you do good in the world, you usually receive good in return. And when you do bad, you end up facing the consequences. This situation is just really unfortunate,” expressed Taniya Edmondson, Sims’ daughter, on Monday.

“I work hard, putting my head down and giving it my all. I strive to do good and lend a helping hand to anyone and everyone in need. But above all, this place is my home,” Sims passionately expressed.

Sims mentioned that she received assistance from the American Red Cross, which provided her with a generous donation. Additionally, some of her friends helped her secure temporary accommodation at a nearby hotel. However, finding a more permanent living arrangement poses a challenge for Sims, as she requires a suitable space to accommodate her beloved dog.

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