Nikki Haley urges RNC to vote on resolution prohibiting payment of Trump’s legal Fees

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is urging Republican National Committee members to conduct an on-the-record vote regarding a draft resolution. This resolution aims to limit the national party’s authority to allocate funds for legal expenses, including those of former President Donald Trump.

Nikki Haley emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability by stating, “All Americans, including Republicans, should have the opportunity to vote on the resolution and know how the RNC intends to allocate their funds, particularly in regards to legal fees.”

Chris LaCivita, who is set to be installed at the RNC by Trump as part of his loyalist team, including his daughter-in-law, after the departure of Ronna McDaniel, has stated that the RNC will not cover Trump’s legal fees. However, officials from the Haley campaign are skeptical of this statement.

Haley raised concerns about whether the RNC would redirect its support from down-ballot Republicans to what she referred to as a “legal slush fund.”

She asked reporters if they were going to inquire about the resolution that prohibits the expenditure of funds on legal fees.

In early March, RNC members will convene in Houston to choose a new chair and potentially vote on resolutions. Henry Barbour, a committee member from Mississippi, has proposed two resolutions. The first resolution aims to limit the RNC’s coordination with a presidential candidate until they have met the delegate threshold required to secure the nomination. The second resolution seeks to prevent the committee from covering any candidate’s legal expenses.

“We introduced these two resolutions to initiate a meaningful conversation about safeguarding the primary process while there are two active contenders. Our goal is also to prevent the RNC from funding the legal expenses of any candidate who is not directly involved in the current election cycle,” stated Barbour to NBC News last week.

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During the campaign before Super Tuesday (March 5), Haley skillfully avoided answering a question from NBC News regarding her ability to stay in the race until that point, despite having already announced leadership teams in states like Georgia.

“I’m not interested in discussing how long you all think I’ll be sticking around,” she stated firmly.

When asked about the duration of her availability as an alternative to Trump, she evaded the question, emphasizing her focus on the direction of the country instead: “No… I want the conversation to center around where we are headed as a nation.”

Haley responded to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s announcement on Wednesday that he intended to resign from his leadership position.

Haley expressed her appreciation for McConnell’s recognition of the need for a new generation of leaders.

In her statement, she emphasized the significance of not only seeking new generational change in Congress but also the need to understand this importance.

Ali Vitali works as a Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News, stationed in Washington.

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