Michael Strahan’s daughter suffers memory loss during cancer treatment

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, is encountering a new obstacle in her fight against cancer. Unfortunately, she is experiencing a side effect as a result of her medical treatment.

Isabella took to YouTube to provide an update on her health, opening up about her journey through chemotherapy to treat her medulloblastoma, a rare malignant tumor situated at the base of her brain. In her video, the 19-year-old revealed that she has been experiencing some memory loss as a side effect of the medication she is required to take.


She described how she was administered a drug to safeguard her hearing, but due to her adverse reaction, she was prescribed Ativan. Interestingly, this had occurred in a previous instance as well, where she couldn’t recall any details from that particular day.

In her video, Isabella shared a glimpse of her recent hospital visit, where she found herself enjoying a sandwich that she couldn’t recall ordering. She attributes her recent videos’ somewhat “loopy” demeanor to the effects of the medication she has been taking.

Isabella shares that she is feeling significantly better after her recent chemotherapy session. Apart from some memory loss, she mentions that she is not experiencing much pain and was able to get a good night’s sleep for about 18 hours after the treatment.

Isabella expressed her fears about the approaching end of her chemotherapy treatment. She wondered how she would transition back to a normal life once the treatment was over. She worried that there might always be another medical procedure or treatment waiting for her in the future.

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Isabella made her diagnosis public in January 2024, choosing to share the news alongside her dad on “Good Morning America.”

Ever since that time, she has been consistently sharing updates on her social media platforms, quickly becoming a source of inspiration.

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