Ben Affleck Conceals Ring Finger from Paparazzi Amidst Speculation of Marital Issues with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck playfully teased the paparazzi on Wednesday by concealing the one body part that has captivated the public’s attention!

Ben was strolling around Los Angeles, fetching his son Samuel from school, while being followed by a group of paparazzi. As they focus their lenses on his left hand, Ben skillfully conceals it within his sweater.

The photographers were eager to catch a glimpse of his ring finger. Over the past few weeks, Ben has been seen alternating between wearing and not wearing his wedding ring.


Samuel even joined in the fun, pretending to take pictures of his dad!

As previously stated, Ben has made the decision to leave the family’s residence in Beverly Hills and has since found a rental property in Brentwood. It has come to our attention that J Lo has also been actively searching for new homes. It is evident that the couple is currently experiencing significant challenges in their marriage.

J Lo made an appearance in Mexico on Wednesday at a panel for her upcoming movie, “Atlas.” During the event, a reporter had the audacity to inquire about her marital status, but J Lo swiftly shut him down.

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