Massive ‘Gorilla Hail’ Storm Threatens Parts of Kansas and Missouri

Severe weather is forecasted to target certain areas of Kansas and Missouri on Wednesday night, with the main concern being the possibility of large hailstones.

According to senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski at AccuWeather, a phenomenon known as “gorilla hail” is causing concern due to its massive size. This weather event is particularly worrisome for the Kansas City metro area.

Reed Timmer, an extreme meteorologist and storm chaser, popularized the term “gorilla hail.” And in this particular instance, the term seems appropriate. Hailstones in the north-central regions of Kansas and Missouri are expected to be as large as baseballs.

According to Sosnowski, getting hit by a tennis ball, baseball-sized object, or even worse, a softball-sized object, can cause significant damage. In fact, if the impact is on the head, it could even be fatal.

If you want to protect your car from potential damage, it’s advisable to find a sheltered parking space, preferably under a roof. Cars are particularly susceptible to harm, so taking this precaution can help minimize the risk of any potential damage.

The National Weather Service has issued a warning about the possibility of heavy rain in the same corridor where hail has been reported. They have also highlighted the risk of flash flooding in the area.

There is a slight possibility of a tornado occurring.

Forecasters have indicated that by Thursday, the storm will shift towards the east. While the risk of hail diminishes, there is still a possibility of heavy rain and strong winds from northeastern Texas to central Missouri.

According to Sosnowski, the primary concern on Friday is the possibility of heavy rainfall, with potential amounts of up to 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) in certain areas. This heavy rain is expected to occur along a path stretching from central Louisiana to central Arkansas.

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