Man who scaled George Washington Bridge gives himself up to authorities

A man who climbed the George Washington Bridge has turned himself in to the police.

According to authorities, a man began scaling the southern Manhattan tower of the bridge shortly before noon on Saturday. The bridge was quickly surrounded by police vehicles and emergency service units.

The man willingly surrendered a few hours later, and authorities promptly took him to Columbia Presbyterian for evaluation.

Traffic delays began to increase shortly before noon, with initially only 30-minute delays. However, these delays rapidly escalated to over 90 minutes at their peak, affecting both the upper and lower levels.

According to initial reports, it was believed that multiple individuals were attempting to climb the bridge. However, the police have since confirmed that at least one man who was climbing the bridge surrendered without any incident.

Despite the clearance of police activity, the Port Authority has issued a warning about the likelihood of significant traffic delays.

The reason for the man’s decision to climb the bridge remains unknown.

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