Legal Analyst Suggests Hunter Biden May Have Weakened His Own Defense

Legal analyst Jonathan Turley suggests that Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, may have unknowingly undermined his defense attorney’s argument in his federal gun case during a recent interview with Axios.

Hunter Biden, the president’s son, has been transparent about his battle with drug addiction. In September, federal prosecutors charged him with three felonies for allegedly providing false information on a federal background check form during his purchase of a handgun in October 2018. Additionally, Hunter Biden is currently dealing with federal tax evasion charges that were filed against him in December.

During an exclusive interview with Axios, Hunter Biden emphasized the importance of maintaining his sobriety in support of his father’s reelection efforts. With Republican lawmakers focusing on Joe Biden’s family as part of an indictment inquiry into the president, any public misstep by his son could significantly impact his upcoming 2024 campaign.

During his father’s first presidential campaign, Hunter Biden shared his personal journey to sobriety. His sobriety date coincided with his father’s entry into the 2020 election, as he officially started his journey on May 17, 2019. However, Hunter later admitted that he had a “drink or two” after that and officially reset his sobriety date to June 1, 2019.

During an appearance on Fox News Monday evening, Turley, an attorney and professor at George Washington University Law School, discussed Hunter Biden’s interview with Axios. Turley pointed out that Biden’s timeline of sobriety could potentially present challenges for his defense against the federal gun charges he is facing.

Jonathan Turley, in an interview with Axios, raised concerns about the defense strategy proposed by Hunter Biden’s counsel, Abbe Lowell. Turley pointed out that Lowell’s suggestion of arguing that Hunter Biden was sober when he signed the false statement might not hold up.

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In September, Lowell spoke to CNN’s Erin Burnett about the gun charges filed against Hunter Biden. He emphasized that there is no evidence to suggest that Hunter was struggling with a drug addiction at the time he purchased the gun. Lowell also filed a motion in December to dismiss the indictment, arguing that the law used to charge Hunter Biden is in violation of the Second Amendment. This amendment grants citizens the right to possess firearms and Lowell believes that the charges against Hunter are unconstitutional.

The Department of Justice disputes Lowell’s interpretation of the gun laws, stating that it is a misinterpretation. Additionally, federal prosecutors stated in a court filing in January that an FBI chemist confirmed the presence of cocaine residue on a pouch that Hunter Biden utilized to store his firearm.

Turley responded to Hunter Biden’s interview on his website, expressing his opinion on the matter. He pointed out that it is increasingly challenging to believe that Hunter Biden was sober when he signed the background check form, considering his claim that his sobriety date came over eight months later.

According to the attorney, Hunter’s recent book confirms what was already apparent: his addiction persisted until after his father declared his candidacy for the presidency.

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