Kyiv Launches Strikes on Crimea, Eliminating 1,150 Russian Troops in Ukraine

During the same 24-hour period when Kyiv claimed to have eliminated over 1,000 Russian troops from the battlefield, the Ukrainian military reportedly launched a significant drone attack on an oil pipeline in occupied Crimea.

According to The Kyiv Post, multiple Ukrainian drones launched an attack on oil targets near the occupied port town of Feodosia on Sunday. Russian media reports indicate that at least 38 drones were involved in the attack. Although the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that they successfully shot down all of the drones, there were reports of damage to an oil pipeline, a road, as well as several houses and cars.

Workers at an oil depot in Feodosia had to be evacuated following the strikes, as reported by the Telegram channel of independent Russian journalism project ASTRA. The strikes resulted in at least two injuries in the area. Emergency workers spent around 90 minutes extinguishing a fire at the depot, which had previously been targeted in Ukrainian attacks in November and December.

The Kerch Bridge, a crucial supply link between Crimea and Russia’s Krasnodar region, was temporarily closed shortly after the reported drone strikes. It remains uncertain if the bridge, which has been previously targeted by Ukraine, was affected by a new attack. The bridge is situated approximately 60 miles away from Feodosia.

On Monday, Newsweek sent an email to the Ukrainian military seeking their comment.

According to a Facebook post by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Monday, a total of 1,150 Russian troops have been reported to have suffered casualties in the last 24 hours, which includes both fatalities and injuries that end their military service.

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According to Ukraine, they have inflicted a total of 417,950 casualties on the Russian side since the invasion commenced on February 24, 2022. Additionally, Kyiv claims to have destroyed a minimum of 6,648 Russian tanks and 10,210 artillery systems since the start of the conflict. Within the last 24 hours alone, they reported taking out 8 tanks and 22 artillery systems.

Newsweek cannot confirm the accuracy of Ukraine’s war figures, and it is unclear whether any of the reported casualties on Monday occurred in Crimea.

On Friday, it is reported that Ukrainian missiles allegedly targeted Russia’s Gvardeyskoye air base in Crimea. The attack was said to have caused significant damage to the airfield and resulted in the injury of at least three Russian military personnel.

The base reportedly houses a squadron of 12 Sukhoi Su-24 bomber jets and another squadron of 12 Sukhoi Su-25 aircraft. These aircraft are utilized to offer air support to Russian ground forces.

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