Couple purchases land for their dog’s remaining years, unexpectedly becomes a haven for other animals

Many pet owners consider the idea of getting a second pet to keep their first furry companion company. However, once they take the plunge, they often find themselves unable to resist the temptation of adding even more pets to the family.

This couple, who goes by the handle @the.littlecabinthatcould on TikTok, found themselves in an unexpected situation. Their original plan was to provide a peaceful living space for their senior golden retriever, Santi, on a piece of land. However, their intentions soon evolved into the idea of getting Santi a companion or two.

In a TikTok video posted on February 19, the Booth family showcased their rapid expansion from a small household to a bustling menagerie of diverse animals. According to Sarah Booth, who shared the story with Newsweek via email, their family now comprises an impressive total of 29 animals. This includes 20 chickens, three dogs, three cats, and three ducks.

The process of acquiring 28 additional animals didn’t happen overnight. It all started when the couple bought the property in December 2020, along with their beloved Santi. From there, things took off as they rescued two cats in April 2021. Since then, the family has continuously expanded, welcoming more and more furry friends into their home.

According to Booth, ensuring the smooth adjustment of all animals and being adequately prepared for their arrival is of utmost importance. This has resulted in a longer journey for the family, but their numbers continue to expand, sometimes planned and sometimes unexpectedly.

The family received a surprise when two puppies were abandoned on their property. However, they didn’t hesitate to welcome them into their home. Luckily, they had Santi, who quickly became their teacher, helping them learn everything they needed to know about caring for the puppies.

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Santi has a deep love for animals, and they reciprocate that love. Booth mentioned that Santi enjoys taking naps with the cats and going for leisurely walks to the pond with the ducks.

The couple is aware that their time with Santi is limited. They affectionately refer to him as their “soul dog” and anticipate the inevitable sorrow when he eventually passes away. Despite this, they have managed to find a silver lining amidst the sadness.

Booth expressed how incredibly meaningful it has been to witness his wholehearted acceptance and affection for the other animals that have become a part of their lives. This remarkable bond has brought immense joy and comfort to their little cabin. Even when the day comes when their beloved companion is no longer with them, his spirit will continue to resonate through the profound connections he has forged with the animals and nature surrounding their home.

The video has gained an impressive 846,000 views, 180,100 likes, and 953 comments as of Monday. TikTok users are expressing their envy of the couple’s idyllic life.

“I must admit, this is exactly what I envision as living your best life! I can’t help but feel a twinge of envy, and from now on, I’ll be living vicariously through your posts,” expressed one viewer with a touch of admiration.

One person commented, expressing admiration for the action taken: “You have accomplished exactly what I aspire to do. I only hope that I can find the courage to follow in your footsteps.”

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