Kelsey Plum of the WNBA Dons a Tiny Vest Sans Bra for Season Opener

Kelsey Plum, the new SKIMS model, made quite the statement at the Las Vegas Aces season opener. On Tuesday, she stepped onto the court in a daring outfit that left little to the imagination. Unlike her fellow players, Plum opted for a super revealing ensemble that didn’t include any SKIMS apparel on top.

Arriving at Michelob Ultra Arena, the two-time champion made a stylish entrance reminiscent of fashion week. She sported a chic all-black Alexander Wang ensemble as she prepared for her team’s upcoming game against the Phoenix Mercury.

Plum caused quite a stir on social media when she decided to rock a bold outfit consisting of loose leather pants, a sleek vest, and a coordinating bag. Her fashion choice set the internet ablaze with excitement and admiration.

She added the finishing touches to her ensemble with a selection of jewelry and a stylish pair of sunglasses.


There was a lot of buzz surrounding the daring outfit choice of the celebrity. People couldn’t help but comment on the eye-catching threads she decided to wear. What caught everyone’s attention, in particular, was the fact that she opted to go without a shirt or a bra, leaving very little to the imagination.

It was an unforgettable evening for the Aces, as they proudly received their championship rings for their triumphant victory in 2023. Adding to the excitement, the team was honored to have the support and presence of none other than Tom Brady, one of their esteemed part-owners.

Plum played a crucial role as the third-leading scorer for the back-to-back champions. In a remarkable display of skill and talent, she contributed 19 points, five assists, and three rebounds in the victorious game against the Mercury, who were without their star player, Brittney Griner.

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Plum has been enjoying a remarkable run of success recently. She recently had the opportunity to model in her undergarments for the renowned brand owned by Kim Kardashian. Plum was joined by other notable WNBA stars, including Cameron Brink, Skylar Diggins-Smith, and Candace Parker. This collaboration garnered significant attention and made Plum a beloved figure among fans online.

Just so you know, Plum is currently single. As we mentioned before, she is going through a divorce from her NFL tight end husband, Darren Waller.

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