Female Tourist Attacked by Bull on Cabo Beach, Shocking Video Footage Emerges

The woman had ample opportunity to move away before the attack, and there was someone shouting and begging her, “Lady, you’re putting yourself in danger. Please refrain from doing that.”

The clueless tourist, however, remained unfazed. In fact, she began feeding the bull while attempting to gather her belongings. When she tried to nudge its head aside, the steer’s patience wore thin, and it became immediately aggressive.

In a miraculous turn of events, the woman escaped serious injury. With incredible bravery, another woman quickly intervened by charging forward and dousing the bull with water. This bold action ultimately forced the bull to retreat, allowing the injured woman to regain her footing.

According to a representative from the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone, encounters with livestock are frequent in the area due to the beach’s proximity to ranches.

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