Kanye’s Former Security Guard Sues Rapper for Discrimination Against Black Employees and Wrongful Termination

A new legal battle has emerged for Kanye West as his former security guard, Benjamin Deshon Provo, files a lawsuit against the rapper. Provo, who initially joined West’s team in 2021 and later worked at the Donda Academy and Yeezy brand warehouse, claims that West discriminated against Black employees, treating them differently from their White colleagues. Provo also alleges that he was wrongfully terminated for refusing to cut his dreadlocks. The lawsuit was filed on Friday, adding to the mounting legal challenges facing West.

In the lawsuit, Provo reveals his experiences of facing pay disparities, mistreatment, and being pressured to shave his head, which he wore in dreadlocks as a reflection of his Muslim faith. Provo brought attention to the noticeable contrast in the way Kanye treated him and other Black employees in comparison to their non-Black colleagues. He asserts that not only was he paid less than his non-Black counterparts without any apparent justification, but he also claims that West consistently acted in an abrupt, abrasive, and demeaning manner towards him and his Black colleagues.

According to Provo, he attempted to discuss these concerns with his direct manager, John Hicks. However, he was met with the response, “Don’t bring up money to Ye. He doesn’t like to talk about money.” In addition to this, Provo also faced difficulties regarding his hair. The complaint states that “As a result of Plaintiff’s refusal to comply with Kanye’s demand to shave his head, Hicks and Kanye began pressuring Plaintiff to do the same.” The document further indicates that Kanye became increasingly aggressive, stating, “It is time for you to shave your heads. I am not messing around.” Adding to the pressure, Hicks approached Provo and conveyed Kanye’s message, saying, “Kanye said, ‘Tell the one with the dreads to shave his head or he is fired.'”

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In addition to the overwhelming burden already mentioned, the lawsuit reveals various incidents where Provo was purportedly tasked with confronting paparazzi and getting rid of books about influential Black individuals, among other forms of discrimination.

Despite expressing concerns about these issues, he received dismissive responses and was eventually fired for refusing to comply with West’s demands. According to the complaint, his termination was a direct result of his refusal to shave his head.

Provo is pursuing compensation for discrimination, retaliation, violations of labor code, and other offenses. His ultimate goal is to hold West responsible for his behavior and ensure that he is prohibited from running educational institutions for minors in California.

In addition to the current lawsuit filed by former employee Trevor Phillips, new allegations have emerged accusing West of engaging in hateful rhetoric and mistreating individuals at Donda Academy.

West has not yet responded to this latest lawsuit.

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