Aubrey O’Day Claims Diddy Offered a Shocking Sum to Keep Her Quiet in Exchange for Publishing Rights

Aubrey O’Day is gearing up to share her experience with Diddy and Bad Boy Records. The former Danity Kane member is ready to spill all the details.

In the upcoming TMZ documentary titled “The Downfall of Diddy” on Tubi, Day reveals that Diddy’s offer to return the publishing rights to his former artists allegedly had a hidden agenda.

According to O’Day, Diddy’s offer to return the publishing rights was not as generous as it initially appeared. She alleged that Diddy requested the artists to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) as a condition of the deal. These NDAs would restrict them from sharing their experiences at Bad Boy Records during the 2000s. However, O’Day decided not to sign the NDA and declined the offer. She emphasized the importance of her freedom to speak out, which she now recognizes as incredibly valuable.

O’Day revealed that she was offered a meager sum of just $300 and some change as financial compensation to keep silent.

The documentary also explores the consequences following the raids on Diddy’s homes and the subsequent federal investigation that ensued.

More On Diddy’s Legal Issues:

The business mogul is currently navigating through a web of intricate legal troubles.

It all began when his former girlfriend, Cassie, filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of sexual assault, battery, and sex trafficking. However, the lawsuit was resolved just one day later, as the two parties reached a settlement.

Diddy’s legal troubles were far from over, despite initial hopes of a resolution. In fact, the situation only escalated as a series of lawsuits emerged, with numerous individuals accusing him of sexual assault.

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Diddy, however, has consistently maintained his innocence in spite of these accusations. When addressing some of the lawsuits, a lawyer representing Combs stated to NBC News, “Mr. Combs completely denies and dismisses all claims of alleged misconduct from over 30 years ago that were filed at the last minute. He views this as nothing more than an attempt to extort money. Due to Mr. Combs’ fame and success, he is an easy target for individuals who will fabricate the truth without any regard for the consequences, all for their own financial gain. The Adult Survivors Act was surely not designed or anticipated to be exploited in such a manner. The public should approach these unverified allegations with skepticism and refrain from hastily accepting them.”

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