Jen Garner Visits Amid Marriage Drama, Ben Affleck’s Wedding Ring Makes a Comeback

Just one day after it mysteriously vanished amidst his marriage drama with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck’s wedding ring has found its way back onto his hand.

On Saturday, Ben’s left hand once again shone with a platinum or silver ring. As he punched in the security code at his rental home in Brentwood, the ring was visible for all to see. It seems that Ben has been residing in this home for a few weeks now, ever since he and J Lo moved out of their Beverly Hills mansion that they bought last year.

Less than 24 hours ago, it appeared that Ben was indicating the possible end of their marriage. He was not wearing the ring on Friday evening when he attended his child’s school play. However, now that the ring has been returned, it seems that he may have simply forgotten to wear it on Friday.

The ongoing exchange could be seen as a representation of the current situation between J Lo and Ben. Both individuals have chosen to keep quiet about the reasons behind his departure and the state of their marriage.

On Thursday evening, they appeared friendly as they engaged in a face-to-face conversation before the school play. It is worth noting that Ben drove her back to Beverly Hills after the event, but he did not spend the night. Instead, he was seen returning to his recently acquired residence in Brentwood.

By the way, the rental is conveniently located near Ben’s ex, Jennifer Garner, who paid a visit on Saturday. The former couple has been spending time together for various activities involving their children, Fin and Samuel, over the weekend.

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It’s no surprise to see JG standing by Ben during his current marital crisis, considering how supportive she has always been. Let’s not forget that she was there for him when he needed help with his addiction in 2018, ensuring he got the treatment he needed.

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