3 hostages, including Shani Louk, killed at music festival found by Israeli military in Gaza

The Israeli military announced on Friday that it has recovered the bodies of three Israeli hostages who were abducted by Hamas during their attack on October 7th. One of the hostages was identified as Shani Louk, a German-Israeli citizen.

The image of Shani, a 22-year-old, contorted in the back of a pickup truck, quickly spread across the globe, shedding light on the brutal assault carried out by the militants on the communities in southern Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his deep sorrow over the tragic loss of lives, describing the deaths as “heartbreaking.” He pledged to spare no effort in ensuring the safe return of all hostages, emphasizing the importance of bringing both the living and the deceased back home.

The bodies of the missing soldiers were discovered, but the military did not provide immediate information on the location. It has been reported that Israel conducted operations in the city of Rafah, specifically in response to intelligence indicating the presence of hostages.

During the October 7 attack, militants led by Hamas caused the deaths of approximately 1,200 individuals, with the majority being innocent civilians. In addition to the fatalities, around 250 individuals were also abducted. Fortunately, about half of those who were taken have been released, with the majority being exchanged for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel during a ceasefire that lasted for a week in November.

According to Gaza health officials, Israel’s campaign in Gaza has resulted in the deaths of over 35,000 Palestinians. Additionally, Israel claims that approximately 100 hostages remain captive in Gaza, while the bodies of around 30 individuals are still yet to be recovered.

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