Israel discloses latest Gaza civilian casualty toll, saying Hamas’ estimates are ‘false and falsified’

Israel has recently revealed its estimated civilian death toll in Gaza, stating that around 16,000 individuals have lost their lives in the conflict that commenced on October 7th. This figure stands in stark contrast to the approximately 35,000 casualties reported by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas’ Ministry of Health.

According to Avi Hyman, a spokesperson for the Israeli government, his country has been facing global condemnation for 221 days. This condemnation is based on a civilian death toll that has been falsely fabricated and spread by Hamas.

In a video on Monday, Hyman referenced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and stated that they believe they have eliminated over 14,000 terrorists and, unfortunately, around 16,000 civilians within the Gaza Strip.

Erdogan’s remarks come in the wake of escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine, particularly in the Gaza Strip. The conflict has resulted in numerous casualties and extensive damage to infrastructure. The Turkish president’s comments further fuel the already tense relations between Turkey and Israel.

Erdogan’s support for Hamas and his claims about the group’s members receiving medical treatment in Turkey have drawn criticism from various quarters. Israel has accused Turkey of aiding and abetting terrorism by providing support to Hamas, which it considers a terrorist organization. The United States and several European countries have also expressed concerns about Turkey’s stance on Hamas.

The Turkish president’s defense of Hamas is in line with his government’s policy of supporting Palestinian rights and advocating for a two-state solution. Turkey has been a vocal critic of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and has called for an end to the occupation of Palestinian territories.

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However, Erdogan’s comments have raised questions about Turkey’s foreign policy and its alignment with regional actors. Turkey’s support for Hamas has strained its relations with Israel and has also drawn criticism from other countries that view Hamas as a terrorist organization.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza continues to be a major source of concern for the international community. Efforts to broker a ceasefire and find a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are ongoing, but have so far been unsuccessful. The situation remains volatile, with both sides continuing to exchange fire and civilians bearing the brunt of the violence.

On Tuesday, May 14, individuals can be seen walking along a street in Khan Younis, located in the southern Gaza Strip. The sight of destroyed buildings serves as a backdrop to their journey.

“We want everyone to recognize these figures as an accurate estimate provided by a free democratic nation that upholds the laws of armed conflict, even in one of the most difficult urban warfare situations in history,” he emphasized. “Let me clarify, every civilian casualty is a devastating tragedy. Those casualties could have been avoided if Hamas hadn’t chosen to use their own people as human shields.”

According to Hyman, the numbers provided by Hamas are disrespectful to the courageous heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of this righteous and ethical conflict.

The number of casualties within the Israeli Defense Forces has now reached 620, according to reports.

Israel has released new estimates following a revision of data by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The revision specifically focuses on the number of women and children who have lost their lives in the ongoing war.

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According to Reuters, the World Health Organization stated on Tuesday that there is no issue with the numbers being reported by the Gaza Ministry of Health, led by Hamas.

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