Grandson says former president Jimmy Carter, 99, approaches the end

During a policy forum on Tuesday, it was revealed by his grandson that former US president Jimmy Carter is approaching what appears to be the end of his life.

Jason Carter shared an update on his grandfather’s health during his speech at the Rosalynn Carter Symposium on Mental Health Policy. He mentioned that his grandfather has been in hospice for nearly a year and a half and is currently doing okay. Jason emphasized the significance of his grandfather’s faith journey and how it has become even more profound as he nears the end of his life.

According to Mr. Carter, the easygoing personality of the 99-year-old former president is still evident. He recently visited his home in Plains, Georgia to watch an Atlanta Braves MLB game.

“I remember asking my Pa Pa how he was doing, and he replied, ‘Well, I don’t know myself.’ It’s amazing how he’s still with us,” shared Jason Carter.

President Carter has been receiving hospice care since last year, following the passing of his wife, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, in November.

Jason Carter shared his thoughts on how the family has been coping with her death during his speech at the symposium.

“When my grandmother passed away, it was a challenging time for our entire family, including my grandfather,” he expressed. He further shared, “The love and support we received from everyone in this room and around the world was truly extraordinary and deeply meaningful to us. It transformed the whole experience into a celebration of her life.”

Jimmy Carter, at nearly 100 years old, currently holds the distinction of being the oldest living former President of the United States.

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In November, Mr. Carter made his first public appearance since entering hospice care by attending Rosalynn Carter’s funeral.

During the symposium on Tuesday, Jason Carter discussed the role of mental health considerations in the final stages of Jimmy Carter’s life. The former first lady was renowned for her advocacy in this field.

“The caregiving linked to mental health and mental illness holds immense significance and forms the foundation of the work we all undertake in this room, as well as being a testament to her enduring legacy. We have all personally witnessed its significance over the past year, and we express our gratitude for it,” he stated at the event, as reported by Georgia Recorder.

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