Is It Illegal to Marry Your Cousin in Alaska? Here’s What the Law Says

The subject of cousin marriage often sparks curiosity and debate. While some cultures have historically embraced the practice, others find it taboo or have legal restrictions in place. In the United States, laws regarding cousin marriages vary from state to state. Let’s delve into the legalities and nuances of marrying your cousin within the state of Alaska.

Alaska’s Stance on Cousin Marriage

Alaska is among the states in the U.S. that explicitly permit first-cousin marriages. According to Alaska Statute 25.05.021, “Persons who are related to each other as first cousins … may marry.” This means that individuals who share a common grandparent are legally allowed to wed in Alaska.

Historical and Cultural Context of Cousin Marriage

  • Global Prevalence: Cousin marriage has been practiced throughout history in various cultures around the world. It has often been seen as a way to strengthen family ties, consolidate wealth, or maintain cultural traditions.
  • Historical Practice in the U.S.: In the past, cousin marriage was relatively common in certain parts of the United States, particularly in more rural areas.
  • Shifting Views: Over time, societal views on marrying one’s cousin have changed in many Western societies, and the practice has generally declined.

Genetic Considerations

  • Increased Risk: Children born to first cousins have a slightly increased risk of inheriting recessive genetic disorders due to the parents’ shared DNA. This risk, while small, is higher than that of children born to unrelated parents.
  • Importance of Counseling: Couples considering cousin marriage are often encouraged to seek genetic counseling to better understand the potential risks and make informed decisions about family planning.
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Legal Restrictions in Other States

The legality of cousin marriage in the United States presents a patchwork of differing laws:

  • States Permitting Cousin Marriages: A significant number of states permit first-cousin marriage, including Alaska, along with states like New York, California, and Illinois.
  • States with Restrictions: Some states allow first-cousin marriage with certain conditions, such as age requirements or the need for genetic counseling.
  • States Prohibiting Cousin Marriages: Approximately half of the states in the U.S. have laws outright prohibiting marriages between first cousins.

Ethical and Social Implications

The topic of cousin marriage raises a number of ethical and social considerations:

  • Individual Choice: Proponents may argue that consenting adults should have the freedom to marry whomever they choose, regardless of familial ties.
  • Potential Social Stigma: In some communities, cousin marriage may be viewed negatively or carry a social stigma.
  • Concerns for Offspring: Critics may point to the potential health risks for children resulting from such unions or raise concerns about perpetuating societal power structures.

Alternatives to Consider

It’s important to recognize that partners considering cousin marriage have other options available to them:

  • Adopting a Child: Couples may find fulfillment by building a family through adoption.
  • Focusing on Other Relationships: Individuals may choose to prioritize their relationships with their cousin and other extended family members in ways that don’t include a romantic partnership.


Alaska’s permissive stance on first-cousin marriages sets it apart from many other states in the U.S. While genetically related couples may be legally allowed to wed in Alaska, it’s essential that they carefully weigh the potential risks, social implications, and ethical considerations before making this significant decision. The choice ultimately rests with the individuals, but informed decision-making with the help of professional guidance is always advisable.

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