Elvis Presley’s Heir Riley Keough Alleges Fraud as Graceland Faces Foreclosure

Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough, is fiercely fighting to prevent the sale of Graceland in a foreclosure auction. She believes that this action is unjustified and based on fraudulent documents.

Riley, the current owner of Graceland, which was passed down to her by her late mother Lisa Marie Presley, has taken legal action to prevent the foreclosure auction of the iconic Memphis property. The auction is scheduled to take place in just two days.

According to the sale notice, Lisa Marie is facing foreclosure due to her agreement to borrow $3.8 million from Naussany Investments and Private Lending. It appears that she used Graceland as collateral for the loan.

According to the company, Lisa Marie defaulted on the loan before her demise last year, which is the reason behind their attempt to auction off Graceland.

However, in the lawsuit filed in Shelby County Chancery Court against Naussany, Riley is disputing the claims, stating that her mother never borrowed any money from them.

According to the documents, RK alleges that the signatures on the deed are fraudulent. He goes on to claim that the notary has confirmed that she never met Lisa Marie or notarized any documents for her.

Priscilla Presley, who happens to be Riley’s grandmother and Elvis’s ex-wife, also expressed her thoughts on the issue. She took to her X account and bluntly stated, “It’s a scam!”


Lisa Marie became the owner of Graceland after her father passed away in 1977. In a series of discussions with Priscilla, Riley was ultimately appointed as the overseer of the estate after Lisa Marie’s unfortunate demise in January 2023.

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Graceland, a National Historic Landmark, is set to go on the auction block this Thursday, with a hearing scheduled for Wednesday. It’s quite an extraordinary turn of events!

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